iPhone’s Essential apps haven’t altered over the years; there are a lot of pre-loaded iPhone app alternatives. A lot of the apps in your iPhone give you info what you need but don’t provide you something further. So if you want to get a little more out from your iPhone than what Apple provides you with, download these ten best pre-loaded iPhone app alternatives. These are the just amazing app for you.Lets know about these apps.


10 Best Pre-Loaded iPhone App Alternatives

Waze is an app which personally helped me a lot and also enjoyable; it’s a type of community traffic and routing app that has more than 40 million consumers. The app allows you connect forces with other drivers to outwit traffic, save time and gas money, and develop everyone’s everyday transfer! Waze will provide you the fast way to reach your destination all time! Plus you get to make your cute little Waze character, join your friends, and earn points!


10 Best Pre-Loaded iPhone App Alternatives

Apple’s pre-loaded weather app just tells you smallest info of weather. It only provides you six days’ worth of weather, only one day worth of hourly forecasts, and no radar! Download The Weather Channel app! It gives you a lot of info, up to 10 days’ worth of weather forecasts, a radar map, and even a pollen forecast!

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10 Best Pre-Loaded iPhone App Alternatives

A lot of people don’t ask then what Apple’s pre-loaded Notes app provides them, but for somebody who receives a lot of notes as Fetchnotes which is an amazing app to make use of! Fetchnotes makes note-taking very easy as writing a tweet using # categories and @ mentions. It’s a cross amid note-taking and to-do listing that helps you a lot, do more and feel organize. Moreover, when you first open the app, you observe their gorgeous dog mascot!


10 Best Pre-Loaded iPhone App Alternatives

One thing which irritates me is that when people pay cash to purchase more than one song on iTunes. As for $9.99 a month (the cost of one iTunes album), you can have the limitless song and even store songs on your phone to play when even you are offline! Spotify is one of my popular apps to make use of. The app is free, but you can’t utilize it except you have a paid membership. You can though try Spotify for free for 30 days. So enjoy this amazing app.

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10 Best Pre-Loaded iPhone App Alternatives

This app is very different from Apple’s pre-loaded Address Book app, Brewster combines all of your links from all your preferred social network sites to make modified profiles. You can find your contacts based on everything from names to interests and view information that assist you to maintain track of what is going on in the lives of people you discern! Moreover, it provides you info how long it’s been since you’ve associated with somebody when someone’s birthday is near, and if their info has newly changed via their social networking sites, it tell you all that is important.


10 Best Pre-Loaded iPhone App Alternatives

Though Apple’s pre-loaded Safari browser isn’t very bad, it looks missing something. I make use of Chrome, which syncs up my history, bookmarks, autofill setting, and the whole thing. If you already utilize Chrome on your desktop computer, then this app is a must app. If you don’t like Chrome, Dolphin Browser is also one freer browser option.

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10 Best Pre-Loaded iPhone App Alternatives

I don’t like the pre-loaded iPhone app, it is very tough to search photographs and videos in that app, particularly when I have to find time to sit and put them all into albums. Though, with amazing Flayvr app all your iPhone’s photographs and videos are amazingly sorted into respective collections, for you to keep or share with friends! Flayvr saves your beautiful life moments. You can include pictures and videos to your albums while also can hide those you don’t like without having to delete them. It also makes it very easily to share an image or a whole collection on your social media sites.


10 Best Pre-Loaded iPhone App Alternatives

A hike is an awesome option for the iPhone’s text messaging app.It is dissimilar the other accepted alternative WhatsApp, Hike is the free app, and it lets you message both other Hike users and non-Hike users. If you don’t have unlimited text messaging, Hike is the fantastic app as it allows you to send free messages to your friends and family using your 2G, 3G or WiFi connection. You can also share status updates with your beloved friends and it allows you to select cute mood icons. It’s rather like AOL Instant Messenger and SMS combined!

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10 Best Pre-Loaded iPhone App Alternatives

If you’re a Gmail addict and searching for an elegant option, try Mailbox! Mailbox is an entirely redesigned inbox that makes email light and very quick. You can rapidly take messages to your archive or trash, scan the whole discussion as if it were a chat, and snooze emails until later with the tap of a button. Mailbox’s principal purpose is to assist you get to zero in your inbox and stay there. It is presently for Gmail only, but other email platforms are coming soon!


10 Best Pre-Loaded iPhone App Alternatives

For somebody who has a lot of arrangements on their calendar, Apple’s pre-loaded app may not have the whole thing they require. Then download Sunrise! Sunrise is a free calendar app made for Google Calendar consumer. It also hooks up to your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts to pull over events and photographs. It also lets you recognize the weather of the location of an event and provides you Google map instructions!

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