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10 Best Beauty Tips for Hair

10 Best Beauty Tips for Hair

10 Best Beauty Tips for Hair

Long, thick, and beautiful hair is every woman wish. But, everyday exposure to pollution, sun, dust, and dirt makes it an almost impossible dream to achieve. Different products are available in the market to contain chemicals which are more harmful to hair growth dramatically. Homemade beauty tips for hair are the best solution that makes your hair more beautiful.

You know, your diet can affect your hair growth, especially if you don’t eat a lot of meat. If you want to be beautiful skin or face you can also use these homemade beauty tips for face. In order for hair to growth inaccurately or beauty tips for men and women, it must contain the essential nutrients that assist in a healthy growth cycle and beauty tips.

Easy Homemade Beauty Tips for Hair

1- General Health: Diet

Zodiac Fruit Diet

Diet plays the major role in the overall health of our skin and hair. If you want to have beautiful hair and skin you should eat the nutritious diet. Different vegetables and fruits also provide vitamin A, minerals, acids, and proteins etc. that are necessary for your hair and skin.

  • For Normal Hair: Dales, Sprouts, fish, chicken
  • Dry Hair: Pulses, brown rice, nuts, vitamin E capsules, raw vegetables, bananas
  • Oily Hair: Salads, fresh, yogurt, green leafy vegetables, fruits

2- Shampoo: Mild Shampoo

The most significant steps for keeping your hair healthy and beautiful is keeping it clean. The product you select for washing your hair needs to be right and always keep them mild.

  • For Dry Fair: select one doesn’t more strip your hair of its normal oils.
  • Tip for Oily Hair: choose one shampoo that works on limiting the activity of your oily hair.

Remember one thing, shampoo mean clean your scalp and not condition your hair, so avoid the shampoo for dry hair. It is not a good to help you in any way. Use only a drop the size of a coin for one wash, it is more than enough.

3- Best Conditioners: Egg

Facts about Eggs

The egg is the best conditioner for hair. Its yolk is rich in fat and proteins which act in moisturizing. The white part of the egg helps to remove unwanted oils. Use egg for normal hair, yolk for dry hair and whites for oily.

Note: Rinse with Lukewarm water only.

4- Cleansing Itchy Scalp: Lemon Juice and Olive Oil

Olive Oil

Itchy scalp is the result of poor diet, climate, and stress. Treat it with homemade hair tips like a mixture of 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice, water, and olive oil. Massage your scalp with this mixture and leave it for 20 minutes and wash it as usual.

5- For Damaged Hair: Olive Oil and Honey

Honey for hand mask.

Sun’s rays are very harmful to hair and can be damaged your hair badly. If you can ride this problem them you can use honey with olive oil. Take half cup of honey and 2 tablespoons olive oil and massage the clean damp hair, after 20 minutes rinse off your hair with normal water.

6- Volume Boosters: Bear and Egg

diy hairs mask

To add body to limp or smooth hair, this is the seamless remedy. Mix half cup flat beer, one teaspoon oil, and one egg. Massage your hair and leave on for 15 minutes. After that, rinse with temped water.

7- Dandruff: Brown Sugar

Brown Sugar Best Beauty Tips for Hair

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Dandruff is the most common problem of hair. You can treat it with different homemade hair mask tips; this one is the awesome and most effective for dandruff. Mix two-part of brown sugar and one part of your hair conditioner. Lightly rub it on your scalp and rinse off as usually.

8- Hair Fall: Aloe Vera

diy hairs mask

Hair fall is a common hair problem that is happened at any time. It constantly captures our attention and we can’t think about any other thing. Aloe Vera is the best for healing the scalp and bringing the pH balance to normal. It is also best for rankles.

Blend half tablespoon lemon juice, two tablespoons coconut oil, and aloe Vera gel. And mix it well. Apply on your scalp and hair. Wash your hair after 20 min.

9- Frizzy Hair: Avocado

brain booster food

Treat frizzy hair by massaging a mashed avocado into the hair.

10- Mix Bananas, Honey, Olive Oil, and Yogurt

Banana Honey and Olive oil

Mash two bananas and mix with two tbsps. honey, olive oil, and yogurt. Mix it well and transfer to refrigerate for 30 minutes. Apply the paste on your hair and cover your head with a towel or cape. After one hour, rinse off with cold water.

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