10 Beauty Secrets from Ancient Egypt

10 Beauty Secrets from Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt look

Ancient Egyptians is appeared as no shock the beauty enthusiast. The people are believed they are looking so beautiful and also they had magical and religious powers. Men and women both are worn makeup, perfume, and beauty rituals in ancient Egypt. Here are some Beauty Secrets from Ancient Egypt looks, how people kept themselves looking excellent further than 5,000 years previously.

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1. Red Ochre

Red Ochre

Egyptian women are using a natural pigment as a lipstick and cheek stain. It’s so simple just ochre ground finely and mixed with water and used through a brush to lips and face.

2. Kohl


Kohl is very famous and well-known cosmetics that comes from Egyptian culture. It is prepared from very heavy metals and highly salts. Using the lead can be dangerous, so they processed and cleaned for 30 days previously to making the eyeliner prototype. The led protected eyes from the sun effect and also improve the skin’s ability to battle against the infections. Cat eye comes from the ancient Egypt, which we love much.

3. Burnt Almonds

Burnt Almonds

Burnt almonds are worn to dip their brows black and fill up them out in Egyptian culture. They were at the peak of the eyebrow game earlier than it even got in progress. It is very effective and looks natural.

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4. Henna


Egyptian women are also worn henna y much. Henna can do more than just coloring the hairs and skin. The Egyptians used henna to naturally coloring their fingernails yellow plus orange. Researchers originate that the henna accustomed their nails as well. Henna is usual and growth is helping.

5. Castor, Sesame, and Moringa Oil

Moringa oil

The Ancient Egyptians are known due to their beauty and the idealized edition of themselves. They are always wanted to look younger appearance that’s why they are using the oil to fight wrinkles and defend their youth.

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6. Soap Paste

soap paste

Egyptians women are very like to live always clean and hygiene. For that reason, they used self-made soap, which is so amazing. They prepared soap paste absent of clay and olive oil. The soap would clean the body as well as feed and repair the skin.

7. Honey and Milk Masks

Honey and milk masks

Honey is very popular due to its sweetness and beneficial. It has the very good ability of hydration. Egyptian women often combine milk and honey to make moisturizing face masks.

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8. Milk Baths

Milk bath

Egyptians women are taking a bath with milk for skin care treatment. The lactic acid exfoliated plus invigorated the skin. If you do not wound up about jumping keen on a bath or hot milk, seek products among hydroxy acids in them. Milk bath provides freshness to the skin.

9. Dead Sea Salts

Dead sea salts

A further beauty secret which takes Queen Cleo herself is Dead Sea Salts meant for the skin. The Dead Sea is recognized for is natural healing properties that refill essential minerals missing during daily actions. It’s simple and amazing to get back her beautiful skin.

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10. Body Sugaring

Body sugaring

Hair removal is a very clearly thing since the dawn of time and Ancient Egyptians are used body sugar to acquire rid of it. Body sugaring is a usual (have you observed a fashion yet?) method to get rid of hair. This method is fewer painful than waxing with the additional benefits of exfoliation and the removal of skin annoyance. You can also try to rid of irritation and provide some benefits to your body.

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