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10 Bad Habits that Effect your Personality

10 Bad Habits that Effect your Personality

10 Bad Habits that Effect your Personality

Have you ever had seen yourself in a mirror? You have. Do you think you look perfect or is there something missing? Is the answer is yes? Then read this awesome article: 10 Bad Habits that Effect your Personality

You want to improve if your response is yes. So let’s discuss what’s that which is making us look weak and bad as compared to the before. Cutting the long story short, stop blaming other factors and such except you own carelessness and bad habits.

I am mentioning are few of the habits that cause us to lose our charm and become less attractive:

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1. Leaving Your Makeup On

Bad Habits That Can Sabotage Your Beauty Routine

In general, it is very common habit to sleep with wearing your makeup on. It is a very common cause that disappoints us the next time we see ourselves dull and less attractive. Make it a habit to remove your makeup before going to sleep to avoid clogged pores and open your skin to fresh air. Ignore your tiredness and wash your face. It will only take two minutes, or once you have lost it, nothing can bring your naturally glowing skin back.

2. Dirty Makeup Applicators

Maintain your hygiene even while using cosmetics. Keep your applicators, sponges and brushes clean. By using them regularly makeup products, your dead skin cells and dust gets absorbed in it which need to be removed on the daily basis. They can damage your skin if they are not cleaned properly. Rashes, different kinds of allergies and skin infections are very commonly found issues. Another important suggestion is to replace them with every concrete span. Do not save anything forever as this activity helps bacteria and infection to spread rapidly.

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3. Nail Biting

Nail Biting is the most disgusting and annoying habit that severely affects your outlook. It not only gives a negative impression but is unhealthy as well. There are thousands of bacteria caught within your nails as you come in contact with numerous things throughout your day that luckily succeed and get a chance to get in you mouth and then stomach. In the case of beauty, this habit destroys the shape of your nails, and your hands do not look beautiful then.

4. Licking Your Lips

Lip balms and gloss quickly help you to get rid of chewing or licking your lips. This habit made them even drier and chapped due to which you keep on repeating them for more. To avoid them-nourish, moisturize and protect your lips by applying balms regularly.

5. Ignoring the Sunblock

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Dry skin gets wrinkles on it with the passage of time which makes you look pretty older than you. No matter what skin type or tone you got, which color you got, you all are highly suggested that never go out with wearing sunblocks on your skin. Make it your habit otherwise; you are going to suffer the negative influence of sun-rays.

6. Squeezing Pimples

It is another dangerous practice that severely affects your outlook. Pimple picking is very common among every age group. No one is there in this entire universe at least to my knowledge that has not tried this at least once in his life. In short, if you want to look cute, make sure you are not habitual to it. Squeezing and popping then give you outcomes in the form of infections and scars. Wash your face daily to avoid the bacteria spreading and causing other damage. Remember not to wear makeup and let your skin heal properly when you get the issue of pimples.

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7. Combing/Brushing Wet Hair

Let your hair dry properly when you are done with washing them. If it’s urgent them, the best way is to use the dryer. Prefer warm and cold air when using it. Attach once of its brush with it and brush your hair along while using it.

8. Wearing Tight Braids and Ponytails

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There is a condition when you lose your hair by pulling your hair regularly and tightly out of your scalp into any ponytail or braid. It is called “Traction Alopecia.” With the passage of time, the roots and follicles of your hair become weak and do not stay as healthy as ever. It is a permanent kind of hair loss. To avoid it, let your hair rest.

9. Tweezing Ingrown Hairs

It is a very common and important issue that most of the girls suffer from. The ingrown hair gives you an unattractive look while it’s itchy and uncomfortable. Plucking them with plucker, tweezers and needles destroy your skin even further. It also makes cause different infections, bruises, and scars. The best way to exfoliate your skin to let the dead skin cells get removed. Once it appears, plucks it.

10. Extreme Weight Loss

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Using a strict diet plan in return cause your severe damages. It also leaves a significant effect on your appearance. When following any strict diet chart plan, you are not only losing fats but muscles along with it, slowing down you metabolism, you lack vitamins, minerals, and other essential components that are important for your skin hair and nails. Make a healthy diet plan and do not lead yourself to starvation. Fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins should be the part of it while excluding sugary drinks and junk food. Get yourself in healthy physical activities like sports.

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