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10 Baby Proofing Ideas to Save Your Child

10 Baby Proofing Ideas to Save Your Child

Baby Proofing Ideas

You don’t need to worry over baby proofing before the baby reaches, but once your child is going close to crawling, it is a time to follow these ten baby proofing ideas to them. It is essential to keeping your baby safe. Be prepared to baby proof cabinets, kitchen, bathroom, nursery, and fireplace, etc. use the baby proof drawers into your kitchen and child safety locks on your door, etc.

Get the more information by reading these baby proofing ideas and save your child from every loss. However, it is pretty clear and easy way that you need to start the process of baby-proofing a few areas of the home before him starting walking.

10 Baby Proofing Ideas to Save Your Child

1- Keep Electrical Outlets Covered

Electrical Outlets Covered Baby Proofing Ideas

This is most important and cheapest things you can do before baby proof different areas of your home. You can either use plastic outlet covers in or if you don’t like the look of them, you can put in plate covers that automatically close when not in use.

2- Block off Stairs

Block off Stairs Baby Proofing Ideas

If you have basement stairs, you need to put the doorknob on backward. If you have the door, it is magnificent, you just lock the door to the basement from the back side and use a key to open it when you want to go down there.

When you don’t have basement door and can’t build a wooden door, then you can sew this DIY fabric baby gate is a kind of cute idea.

3- Secure Toilet Paper RollsSecure Toilet Paper Rolls Baby Proofing Ideas

I guess that our kids are not abnormal with their toilet paper. But the toilet is the favorite place of the child when they start the first crawl and then walk. When the baby goes to the bathroom, they must unroll the toilet paper. You save them, just put a hair tie around the roll. If you need to use the toilet rolls and pull it back and wrap it again once you are finished.

4- Keep Drawers and Cabinet Doors Closed

Keep Drawers and Cabinet Baby Proofing Ideas

You can close your kitchen cabinets and drawers doors by using the baby proof cabinets and childproof drawers idea. You just use the huge rubber bands or hair ties that are wrapped around the handles.

When it comes to drawers, you’ve cup pulls, so there are not many baby proofing methods that work well. If you have the right kind of drawers’ pulls and counter top, these options are pretty best.

5- Avoid Stuff from Falling into the Vents

Vents Baby Proofing Ideas

You would need to address the issues how to keep kids from putting things down into your vents. This is pretty simple; you just put a piece of stiff mesh inside the vent. You clean it out every few weeks, and it is not harmful.

6- Door Safety

Door Safety Baby Proofing Ideas

I don’t associate about all of them, but I know some of the mothers who are worried someone is operating to get a finger in the door. These two ways are super simple, economical ways to make your interior doors safer for small children.

7- Keep Them out of the Refrigerator

Refrigerator Baby Proofing Ideas

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If you are worried and admiring how to save your refrigerator from your kids, then here is the best way that you can follow and keep it.

If you have the French door refrigerator, it is the pretty simple way that you can follow. And if you have a traditional style fridge you can use this idea.

8- Use Cordless Window Coverings

Cordless Window Coverings Baby Proofing Ideas

Putting covering into the cordless window is more beneficial for putting kids to bed early in the summer time. Other than that you can use heavy carton for this purpose.

9- Enlist Tennis Balls Too

Enlist Tennis Balls Too Baby Proofing Ideas

You can use tennis balls on just about any sharp corners. Just cut a few small slices into the essential so you can slice them over table edges. You can remove it when you know or feel no need to protect every corner more. You can also use pool noodles for wrapping the table edges.

10- Block off the Fireplace

Block off the Fireplace Baby Proofing Ideas

Baby proof a fireplace without forfeiting aesthetics. Cover the hole with a big piece of the magnetic chalkboard. It will block off the entrance and give little ones a surface upon which to draw and play games etc.

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