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10 Awesome Ways to up-cycle Old Books

10 Awesome Ways to up-cycle Old Books

10 Awesome Ways to up-cycle Old Books

The Use Recycled Book Pencil

It might give the 10 Awesome Ways to up-cycle Old Books, although if it’s not plateful an idea or it is declining apart at its line of stitching, I enthusiastically trust in generous it a new life and idea. If you can’t bear to reuse any of your own books, then you are to find profusion fit for your technique fancy at op stores, markets and secondhand book stores. After read these stimulated clever ideas – you will never look again at a book in the same way.

1# Make a New Place for your Plants to Live

Tolerantly, cut in slices inside of a book by using a Stanley knife, fill out this hole with voila and soil.

The Use Recycled Book Plant of Lives

2# Use Recycled Book as a Laptop Case

For your expensive laptop you can use it for handing or just shielding it from the components.

The Use Recycled Book Laptop Case

3# Make a Pretty Purse

These pretty book purses are certain to get plenty of compliments. Best of all, they are very easy and no sewing (stitching and embroidery etc) required for its making.

The Use Recycled Book as a Handbag

4# Paper Roses

If no special event is coming, it’s okay; these don’t require a holiday as a justification to make these beautiful roses. But they are perfect and pretty roses for someone special any day of the year.

The Use Recycled Book Flower

5# Jewellery Box

If you need a magpie away those expensive heirlooms, this secret box will do the deception.

The Use Recycled Book Jeweller Box

 6# Refashion Old Maps into Gift Bag

Now we all use or have maps in our phones and tablets or laptops, there isn’t much use maps book – so which is a special justification to turn them into gift bags.

The Use Recycled Book Gift Pack

7# Make a Fancy Pencil Case

You make a fancy and stylish pencil case by using your old recycle book.

The Use Recycled Book Pencil Case

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8# Make Bookmarks

In case when your books are falling a part of seams, rescue the spine by transforming it into a beautiful bookmark. Make stylish with a tassel.

The Use Recycled Book Bookmarks

9# Make Coasters

Search for your darling means of accesses in a book, then modge podge them onto old coasters, or the stopper assortment that can be bought from dexterity stores. Comedian book bands and depiction books also look enormous.

The Use Recycled Book Coasters

10# Make a Case for your Tablet

The solidest part of this is receiving the right volume book, merely take out the pages glue on resilient to clutch your tablet in place and you are done. A great gift for your most wanted book-worm.

The Use Recycled Book Tablet

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