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1 Chef, 8 Great Steak Grilling Tips

1 Chef, 8 Great Steak Grilling Tips

Great Steak Grilling

History of Steak

Around the sometimes the late 1990s or early, chefs caught the whiff of it, and it began appearing on menus of American bistros and fantastic restaurants. They liked it because it offered the full, richness and beefy flavor of more expensive cuts of meat like ribeye, without the hefty price tag. Nowadays, it’s become so popular; now typical high-end steak comes to the market at around half to a third the price.

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How to buy it

Great Steak Grilling

There is the various name of steak. Butcher’s steak, hangar, arrachera is a Mexico title; South Texas is called fajitas arracheras, bistro steak, onglet (France). It is cut from the plate section of the cow. Steaks come in a few various kinds in the market. Square from the steer, it comes as two rather large, loose-grained muscles stuck together side by side with a nature of connectives tissue and silver skin surrounding it. If you have a good butcher who knows well to break down into two parts, then you get well-trimmed steaks. A well-trimmed streak is 1 feet long and weighs in at 8 to 12 ounces.

I have mostly seen these separate streaks butterflied into thinner, wider steaks supposedly to make for more even cooking. Thinner stripes are difficult to cook as compare to medium. So buy untrimmed and do it yourself.

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How to trim it

Chef Great Steak Grilling


First, you removed all silver skin and additional fat from the external with a sharp boning knife.

Now pull the knife under the silver skin, grab the silver skin with your free hand, and then carefully yank the knife under it, taking a little meat as you can. Finally, you shall end up with a piece of meat with two muscles. Now cut the steak in half along to separate it. It is two individual hanger steaks, the trim each one down and ready to cook.

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  • 4 rib-eye steaks 2cm, trimmed
  • 2 tablespoon canola or olive oil
  • Kosher salt and freshly ground pepper

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1 Chef Great Steak Grilling

How to Cook it

There are some ways to cook steaks, but no matter where you cook. Be sure you cook medium rare, no more, no less. There are five steps to cooking the perfect steak at home.

  1. Heat frying pan over high heat, until smoking hot. Now lightly brush the steak with olive oil and season with salt and black pepper. Only 2 steak griddle at a time, not more than 2. If you add more than 2 steaks to the pan at once, the temperature level will drop, and the steak will stew, rather than fry. Don’t turn the steaks until good seared, then turn them over and cook another side. Take the rest of 3 minutes before serving.
  2. Cooking times will depend on the type of the steak, and how hot you’re frying pan. Blue steak achieved 1 minutes each side. Rare 1 ½ minutes each side. Medium rare 2 minutes each side. Medium 2 ¼ minutes and medium-well-done 2 ½-3 minutes each side.

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