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Yoga Pose According to your Zodiac Signs

Yoga Pose According to your Zodiac Signs

Yoga Pose According to your Zodiac Signs

Pose Yoga

Till! You read about the astrology which is made up of 12 different zodiac signs. Every Zodiac signs have the unique characters related to your personality, motivations, and inclinations. Astrological chart and Sign is the best thing which it describes your basic personality and nature that remain consistent through the ups and downs of life. But now I’m not beating out a little variety of exercises, there is something different which told a routine that matches your personality. This surprising thing is that yoga poses according to your zodiac signs. Here you find out which characters are dependable with yours.

Aries – Warrior One

Warrior One Pose Yoga

Aries is the common sign and always first one in line – you are forceful, impulsive and headstrong. You’re quite an action – oriented, dynamic, aggressive and adventurous.

Yoga Pose: Warrior one is the best yoga pose for you because this pose demands a lot of determination and concentration.  Different actions involved in this exercise style, the every movement and posture of Aries yoga style shows that you’re determined and vigorous. Yoga increase stability and balance in you and your body – stable your arms and shoulder strength and also increase staying power. Naturally, Aries people involve to stress, depression, headaches and sometimes nervous. For that problem, you practice downward dog style of yoga. Through this step, your blood circulation will be normalized and increase your brain functions and efficiency.

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Taurus – The Tree and Bridge Pose

Tree and Bridge Pose Yoga

The bull Taurus has a power of energy because you love foods. You manage the balance, stability, determination and consistent. You rule the neck, throat and shoulder and can involve to throat infections and respiratory ailments.

Yoga Pose: the most suitable yoga poses for Taurus is Vrksasana (the tree pose) and bridge. Bridge pose will help to relax your neck, throat and shoulder. Vrksasana will contribute to stretch your inner thighs, groin, and shoulders and also help out your foot and calves muscles. Other than these poses increase your body awareness, calm downs your nervous system and calms your brain.

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Gemini – Downward Dog

Downward Dog Pose Yoga

Gemini people live a mind life, and you need too much calm of mind. Naturally you’re strong minded, quite energetic and enjoy the triggering the nervous system with stimulation and innovation. You’re including in the category of the intelligent people – you quickly obtain beat through too much action of mind and body.

Yoga Pose: Gemini people’s first working depends on hands, lungs, arms, and brain and nervous system.  The best yoga pose for you is the downward dog; it should put together alertness of shoulders and whole body as it splits into two. Extend the figures and spotlight on your fingers and make your branches long and lithe – these twos rule the nervous system and shoulder.

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Cancer – The Cobra & Half Moon

Half Moon and Cobra Pose Yoga

Cancer people are emotionally very sensitive and having a powerful imagination – this trait often sources you to get distressed over things otherwise, you can be dealt. By nature, you have friendly and seek emotions and physical stability.

Yoga Pose: you rule the stomach, chest, and breast. You suffer from the weak digestion and other stomach ailments – the Cobra or half moon yoga pose is the excellent pose for you. These represent help to expand your shoulder and chest and increase your body balance. Your primary focus on chest and heart-opening poses like upward plank pose, half moon pose and cobra.

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Leo – The Sun Salutations and Lion Pose

Lion Pose Yoga

You’re sincere and confident, but you may forget to protect one of the most sensitive areas “The Spine”. You’re determined and pose a fiery strength. You’re born boss and have brightness in your behavior of being courageous, dominant and ambitious. You govern upper back, heart, aorta, and spine – so fitness and sports come naturally to you.

Yoga Pose:  the sun salutation pose is the perfect matches your personality and an excellent exercise. By nature, you’re the ladder of all the poses, the shoulder stand, and its counter pose. This pose expands blood circulation throughout the body and also increases your digestive systems. Fish is another pose which is the best suitable exercise for you and improves the quality of your breaths and also helps expand your muscles and chest between your hips and ribs.

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Virgo – The legs-up-the-wall

Leg-up-to-wall Pose Yoga

You totally govern on mental Mercury; you’re all about balancing body and mind. You have an analytical mind and are often intelligent. You don’t trust in living in the fantasy world, and this is the one of the strongest qualities. You’re able to loyal, determined, independent and truthful.

Yoga Pose: you mostly face the stomach problems and nervous disorders. You govern the digestive and nervous systems. Due to these issues, the best suitable yoga style is the “legs-up-the-wall”. It is one of the most excellent poses you can get into. Through this pose, you release all your stress and ease your worry. For this practice, you use your bed.

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Libra – Tree Pose

Tree Pose Yoga

Libra is the balancing sign and you are added that category of people which take balance, peace and harmony in every field of life.

Yoga Pose: Libra face the problem to the ailments of different body parts in particularly the rules parts like back, buttocks, bladder, and kidneys. You’re the boss of preoccupied with beautiful and young looking and always your quest for peace and harmony. You get this fresh look and beauty by maintaining the balanced and perfect yoga practice like the tree pose. It is the pose of breathing technique that brings peace and balance to the body, soul and mind – your each breath decrease your stress and depression.

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Scorpio – The Camel

Camel Pose Yoga

Well! Scorpio is the passionate, energetic and strong sign, you possess a fiery sexual nature, and you’re vulnerable to calamities because of your bent to seize hazard.

Yoga Pose: usually you’re prone to the disorders of lungs, intestines, sex organs and throat. Due to these problems, the best suitable pose of yoga for your sign is the camel pose because this pose also strengthen your stimulates abdominal organs and back muscles also. The butterfly is another pose which is beneficial for Scorpio, through this pose your blood circulation improves and your heart beat motivates.

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Sagittarius – Triangle Pose

Triangle Pose Yoga

Sagittarius is the healthiest sign of all the other signs; that’s way you need plenty of yoga rather outdoor activities and natural ailments. Due to your strong legs and thighs, skiing and backing are the best for you.

Yoga Pose: you govern the hips and thighs, and also you face problems related to these body parts, so triangle yoga pose is the best pose according to your phone. This pose helps you to expand your chest and shoulders plus increase the ability to move on hips duals and neck.

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Capricorn – Pigeon Pose

Pigeon Pose Yoga

Capricorn is the perfect and most stable sign of all the signs. You’re most healthy, practical and independent person.

Yoga Pose:  you govern the skin and bones – prone to the knee and other problems of the legs. Money people also face skin diseases problems. The Pigeon Pose is the best suitable pose for you. Due to this pose, your groin muscle and hip muscles expended and may reduce sciatic nerve tension.

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Aquarius – Bridge Pose

Bridge Pose Yoga

By nature, you’re very truthful, often logical and intelligent in your thinking.

Yoga Pose:  you govern the legs from knees to ankles and circulation of blood. You may be prone to cramping in the legs and ankles. Bridge pose of yoga is the best suitable for you because this pose stretches your neck, chest, hips, and spine. It also helps you to reduce the stress and depression.

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Pisces – Fish Pose

Fish Pose Yoga

Usually, you’re friendly and easygoing. Emotional, enthusiastic and imaginative Pisces governs the liver, feet and skin problems and may be prone to shoulder and neck pains.

Yoga Pose: in your diseases signs the good yoga pose is the fish pose because this pose expand your chest and lung capacity — also increase the blood circulation and deep breathing capacity. It also helps you to reduce the neck pains and shoulder strains, stretches your upper back and abdominal muscles.

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Final Lines about Yoga

Yoga is the excellent art that activates your mind and body, supporting your overall health and well-being. Through yoga habit, you can also reduce mild depression and stress. You also share your opinions with me I did appreciate it.

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