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What Do Women Want Being in a Relationship?

What Do Women Want Being in a Relationship?

In the beginning, when a man and woman decide to be together, all they say is: “I don’t need anything, just to be with you.” But gradually, it turns out that just being together is not enough because both partners have their needs and expectations. This is where first conflicts begin: “Why should I satisfy all her/his needs, whims, and caprices? Who will satisfy mine?”. Very often, couples can’t break this vicious circle and as a result, they either keep suffering or break up. There is only one way out – start caring about each other and make each other happy. Men and women are happy in relationships if their basic needs are satisfied. Since men and women expect different things from a relationship, you should know what women want from it and what will happen if you fail to satisfy their basic needs. So, what are their needs? Here, at vava Russian brides we’ve surveyed our female users and established the following needs. What women want being in a relationship?

They Want to Feel Protected

They Want to Feel Protected

Every woman wants to be sure that her man will always protect her, take care of everything, support, and help her. If her man can’t make her feel secure, she’ll be anxious and nervous. This will result in rather than cause all further conflicts.

They Want Your Attention

They Want Your Attention

If a man doesn’t pay attention to the inner world of a woman, doesn’t express his interest in her life, doesn’t listen to her, she will feel used and lonely. In the long run, she’ll become indifferent and will avoid having sex with him or view it as a formality.

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They Want You to be Patient

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Women are emotional creatures, and sometimes they become victims of their mood swings. This is their nature. If a man can’t handle it and instead of showing understanding and sympathy he becomes aggressive and emotional, he loses his manliness in his woman’s eyes. Gradually, her respect for him as a man disappears.

They Want to Receive Compliments

They Want to Receive Compliments

Women are very conscious of their appearance, and they need to get constant proofs that they are attractive and desired. Every woman wants to hear from her man that she is the best for him, that she is his queen or princess. If this need is not satisfied, a woman may stop caring about how she looks when her man is around and even direct her sexuality towards those men who will appreciate it.

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They Want You to Respect Her Interests

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Some men are very skeptical of the way women spend their free time. It’s very important for women to chat with their female friends, visit beauty salons, go shopping, attend different psychological seminars, and do such womanish things as needlework, etc. If a man doesn’t criticize his woman’s interests but encourages and supports her endeavors, he shows his respect for her as a personality. And if he respects her, she’ll respect him in return.

They Want Romance

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When men enter into a long-term relationship, most of them get comfortable and stop doing romantic things and surprise their women. If a man doesn’t satisfy woman’s need for romance, she starts feeling frustrated and unimportant to him. This often results in nagging.

They Need to Feel Your Gratitude

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Women do a lot to create comfort in their homes, but men usually take it for granted. Without due attention to her efforts, a woman starts to view all that cleaning and cooking not as an act of care for her man but only as daily chores. Consequently, the atmosphere in the house as well as in the relationship becomes strained.

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They Need Your Loyalty

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A man should tell his woman that he loves only her and that she is the most important person in his life. She needs to know and feel that he is faithful to her. Infidelity ruins relationships. So be loyal to your woman and regularly tell her how you feel about her.

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