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Types of Diabetes

Types of Diabetes

Diabetes is an extremely common disease. Maybe you are also the patient of diabetes, and you are not aware of it. From the recent research, it is proved that only in America 25.8 million people are suffering diabetes. At least 25% of the senior citizen or elderly are the patient of diabetes. In other words, every 4th person is the victim of this disease. If you have the problem of diabetes or hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia, then you must read this article. Types of diabetes are defined here.

Definition of diabetes

prevent yourself from diabetes

Diabetes is a condition in which your body is not able to regulate the sugar level in your body.

In simple words, Diabetes is a common medical condition that affects all kind and age of people in all over the world. It prevents your body to making insulin and uses it correctly.

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Types of diabetes

Types of Diabetes

There are two types of diabetes

Type 1 diabetes

Type 1 diabetes is far-reaching and, unfortunately, there is no any complete treatment. Type 1 diabetes means you have a problem in your pancreas as it is not producing enough insulin to your body. When you eat something, the food converts into glucose. Insulin helps your body to use glucose for the cell. If your body is not producing enough insulin, then the glucose cannot enter into the cell and as the result, the level of blood sugar will be high. We can say that insulin is the key to open the cell so that the glucose enters the cell. In simple words, you are picking the phone again and again, and there is no calling.

Type 2 diabetes

Type 2 is not as severe as you can cure it with proper diet and healthy lifestyle. Your body is producing insulin but it cannot be used for cell and as the time passes insulin production also stop.  In type 2 diabetes you have metabolic disorder due to high blood sugar level. Your body has 20,000 receptors on your liver; the receptors make the insulin able to use, as receptors open the lock of a cell to use insulin. And when your liver and receptors are not working then they are not able to receive insulin. In simple words, your body resists the insulin. If I define in simple words that people are calling you again and again, but you are not picking the call.

Our body is not as it can consume too much sugar so avoid using white sugar even the baby food and juices also full of too much sugar.

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How does your body work to maintain your sugar level?

Your body works on some laws in which body needs to maintain a certain degree of sugar or glucose which is 100 or between 80 to 110. Sugar or glucose works as fuel or energy for the nourishment of the cell. When your sugar is high, it is called hyperglycemia, and when you blood sugar is low then it is called hypoglycemia. The body works to maintain the sugar level in any case either it has to break down muscles protein or fat.If you have regular sugar, then it is mean that your two main parts are not working properly like liver and pancreas. Liver and pancreas play a significant role if you have diabetes. Let we discuss these important factors of liver and pancreas.


  • Pancreas is the small organ that produces hormones that are called insulin
  • Pancreas maintain the sugar level in the body when you eat some food
  • Pancreas produces the insulin that takes out the sugar from the blood.

What will happen when pancreas takes out the sugar

Now we will discuss what will happen when pancreas take out the sugar from blood? You are thinking about this, and this is fascinating that when the insulin takes out the extra sugar from the blood, then three situations will occur

  • We use it as energy to perform the different task of our daily life like exercise, study, running, etc.
  • Second the sugar stored in our liver and muscles and if you want that your body store sugar then you need potassium to hold and store it properly. If you have low potassium level in your body, then your body cannot store sugar and then your body demands to eat more sugar, and you start craving of sugar. An average person needs 4700 milligrams of potassium in a single day; that’s mean you have to eat 7 cups of vegetable in a single day. If you are taking potassium tablet, then it should be 40 milligrams. If you want to maintain your sugar level then potassium is imperative if you don’t want fat in your body, so be careful about your diet.
  • And at last finally sugar store as fat in your body if you have low potassium.

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  • The liver is like football that produces hormones that are called insulin-like growth factors (IGF).
  • IGF get sugar from muscles and liver that mainly stored sugar.
  • Liver maintains the sugar level in the body as it put the sugar into the blood when you are not eating.

From where the liver gets the sugar

Now you think that from where liver gets the sugar, it’s absorbing that liver produces a hormone that is IGF. IGF get sugar that is stored in our body, glycogen always helps to save and hold the sugar in the body, And when your body needs glucose then first use the store sugar. Sometimes when your body has not stored sugar, then the liver get the sugar from fat that is stored in your body.

The relationship between liver and pancreas

Liver and pancreas have the mutual relationship, and they communicate with each other to control the blood sugar level. Liver maintains your sugar degree in the body when you are not eating like fasting. And when you are not eating then your body need some sugar then liver put some sugar into your blood and maintain your sugar level. Just if you want to keep your body then improve these two parts.

How liver work to maintain your sugar level?

If we talk about the importance, then it is much important than pancreas. Typically people try to regulate their pancreas, but if you increase the function of the liver, then you can maintain your sugar level easily. The liver produces a hormone that is IGF. IGF is 100 times bigger then insulin. We define it as IGF and insulin have 100: 1 ration. If we measure then, they are different with each other like metrics vs. inches or gallon vs. ounces. So it proves that liver is 100 times more important.

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How can you maintain your blood sugar?

Checking blood Sugar Level

If you want to improve the function of blood sugar, then you have to focus on your liver and improve your liver by 20%, and then you can take away 80% stress of pancreas.

  • If you consume lots of alcohol, junk food, and too much cook vegetable, then it’s mean you are damaging your liver a lot.
  • Also, as you older your liver also affect due to the lower the growth hormones.

When you aged then, your GH become slowly, and GH is the primary trigger for the liver to produce more IGH, so its mean GH and IGF have a healthy relationship. If you want that your GH always remains high, then you should be careful about your diet.

GH performs three important functions in your body.

  • GH burns your fat because it burns your fat to regulate your blood sugar.
  • GH prevent you from aging, yes if you keep your GH then you can remain young for long.
  • It also protects your protein from break down and turning into sugar. Now you think what is protein? Protein is collagen that is found in your skin if you have little collagen then you will have loose and sagging skin. Naturally, GH protects your collagen in your knees, shoulder, joint and other parts of the body. So it is essential to protect your protein that is usually occurring when you take lots of stress.

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You can improve the function of GH simple

  • You should do some exercise daily at least for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • You should sleep at least 7 to 8 hours daily if you want to high your GH.

Fresh fruits and vegetables play a significant role to improve the function of the liver. Kale is in the best thing to heal and protect your liver.

If you take Kale in the morning, then its mean you are giving more potassium to your body and your are improving your liver more. You have lots of potassium, your GH have high, you have produced more insulin and maintain your aging process, and you can prevent your protein to break down. Finally, after this successful process, your body can regulate blood sugar level.

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