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Types of Modern Dance

Types of Modern Dance

Types of Modern Dance

Dance is very famous and popular in all over the world these days. It serves as means to prompt the emotions of dancers. Apart from this, different types of modern dance are also a form of fitness exercise that one can do to improve their stamina and health. A lot of dance schools in the world that include the different popular dances in their prospectus.

Types of popular modern dances differ from each according to areas including technique dancers use, the tempo and the style of movement. Different popular dances require different genres and music. Some dance names are measured traditional, while others would be hush-hush as modern. If you are not aware of the contemporary dance names, scroll down and learn the popular types of modern dances.

Usually, modern dance is broken into many different genre and styles such as Broadway, Contemporary, jazz, and lyrical, etc., but all popular dances forms – I’ll discuss below.

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A List of Different Types of Modern Dance

1. Jazz Dance

Types of Modern Dance Jazz

Jazz is a popular dance style that is fun to participate in and enjoyable to watch. Most frequent movements of Jazz dance include leaps and turns. It also has own distinctive movements such as the jazz walk and the shriveling. Jack Cole, Gus Giordano, and Bob Fosse are the most popular contributors to Jazz dance. These are famous for knee slides, inward knees, and isolations into Jazz.

2. Ballet Dance

American Ballet Theatre gives 'Sleeping Beauty' a classical upda

Ballet dance has invented in the beginnings of 15th century Italy. This dance was taught to noblemen and women, and they performed during elegant events such as weddings. Ballet dance has divided into two types: story ballet and plotless ballet.

In story ballet, the dancers acting out a tale and there are types including a distinct starting and ending. A plotless ballet does not report a story but preferably may be used for emotional appearance or musical interpretation.

Further, ballet dance also has three styles: neoclassical, classical, and contemporary. Neo-classical ballet often has understood sets and costumes. It is a popular classical ballet holiday pet. In this genre, dancers display faster, more powerful movements.

A classical dance style aspect the traditional form, in which dancers turn own legs outward and complete pointe work. This style is seen in story Ballet dance. Contemporary Ballet derives many qualities from modern dance. In this style, dancers turn legs inward and often complete floor work and wear point’s shoes, barefoot or flat ballet shoes.

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3. Contemporary Dance

A contemporary dance style is a form of modern dance that urbanized in the mid of 20th century. Now it has evolved to become one of the first techniques for formally expert dancers all over the world. It has strong popularity in the Europe and U.S. further, contemporary dance style come to incorporate elements from many styles of dance. Due to the similarities, it perceived to be closely related to modern dance, ballet, and other classical concert dance styles.

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4. Tap Dance

Types of Modern Dance Tap

Tap dancing is originated in the mid of 1600s and a combination of Irish Clogging, step dancing, and West African dance including drumming. Industrialized in the Deep South, it wasn’t until the mid-1800s that beat dancing was performed on stage in a formal setting. Its popularity reached the peak during the 1920s, 1930s, or 1940s.

Music may escort tap dancing, or the dancer may dance without any accessory. It is a modern form of dance in which dancer wear special shoes made with metal taps. The Tap dancer uses their feet like drums to generate rhythmic patterns and timely beats.

5. Hip Hop

Hip Hop Dancing

This dance refers to street dance styles and performed to hip-hop music or that have changed as part of hip-hop culture. In 1970s hip hop dance famous due to the dance staffs in the United States. Hip Hop dance includes a broad range of styles mainly locking, popping, and breaking. In the early stage, TV shows and films showcased these crews and dance styles. The dance industry reacted with a commercial, studio-based genre of hip-hop and sometimes it called “new style.”

Hip hop dance style of Jazz name is “jazz-funk.” Classically expert dancers developed these studio techniques in order to choreograph from the hip-hop dances were performed on the street. This dance can be a form of entertainment or a hobby. It can also be a way to stay active in modest dance and a way to mark a living by dancing skillfully.

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