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Top 6 Best and Healthy Grilled Cheese Sandwiches Recipes

Top 6 Best and Healthy Grilled Cheese Sandwiches Recipes

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Throughout the world, you will find different restaurants offering different grilled cheese sandwich. They try to add different flavors and ingredients to make them taste different and unique. If they get popular, they are set for life. There are not any specifications for their prices as they are mostly found expensive. Here, I have gathered some of the famous tremendous grilled cheese sandwich famous throughout the world. Learn their recipe and prepare them at your house. Below is top 6 best and healthy grilled cheese sandwiches recipes

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Croque Madame

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It is made by grilled cheese and cured meats with fried add placed on the top. This is also awarded as one of the fattiest artery cloggers. This grilled cheese sandwich is a creation of “Campanile” restaurant in Los Angeles

Salami Panini

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Another famous grilled cheese sandwich is Panini, which is a pressed toasted sandwich. You need a panini maker for its pressing. You need thin slices of hard salami, rye bread, butter and slices of Jarlsberg cheese to prepare a salami-and-cheese panini. Once you get all these ingredients mentioned above, pack all of them in rye bread and place it in the panini maker. It will turn it into great panini in no time.

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Southwestern Cheese Panini

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I love Southwestern Cheese Panini as it has a very colorful preparation. You need to have zucchini embedded in the cheese and salsa for zest along with the shredded carrot. Salsa is an active binding agent. Prefer this sandwich when you want to have something easy to eat.

New American Grilled Cheese

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This American grilled cheese sandwich is worth-appreciating. If you are the fan of grilled cheese sandwiches gooey, this one is really for you. This gooeyness in American grilled cheese comes from the perfect blending of butter and shredded cheddar that is placed on every slice of bread. The best part of this recipe is the cheese blended with the sliced sausages which give it a perfect aroma and flavor.

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Chili Grilled Cheese

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If you are the one who got the taste for heat, then allow yourself to enjoy the flavor of Chili grilled cheese. You need peppers, poblano, and salsa in addition to the cheddar cheese and yogurt gives a perfect taste together. A hot flavor with a moderate one gives a number to flavors to your tongue.

Challah Cheese

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It contains braided bread named Challah which is produced in Eastern Europe. This most important and unique part of this sandwich is its different food with its identifiable taste. To make a Challah sandwich, you need to have a pack slices of this bread with shredded cheddar, bacon, onions, butter and meat and grill on a griddle.

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