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Top 5 Healthy and Delicious Sandwiches

Top 5 Healthy and Delicious Sandwiches

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If you know any few recipes of sandwiches, I guarantee you, you will never be left hungry. I’ve some lunch ideas, they can sometimes replace proper meals and are straightforward and quick to be made. I have mentioned few recipes for your collection and are perfect for you summer meals, like chicken salad sandwich, egg salad sandwich, tuna salad sandwich, Reuben sandwich, etc. let me explain the recipes of healthy and delicious sandwiches.

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The John Oliver

Tasy Sanwiches

John Oliver Sandwich is a creation of Penelope Restaurant in New York. You need to have soft goat cheese, two thick slices of cranberry-walnut, Kalamata olive tapenade. Toast the bread to the golden brown color and spread one slice with the goat cheese and the other with tapenade and close them. Your sandwich is ready.

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Provencal Tuna Sandwich

Tasty Sandwiches

Get a breakfast roll. Put minced artichoke, Nicoise olives, paprika, lettuce and sliced hard-boiled egg in a bowl and dress this mixture with salt and olive oil. Apply a thick layer of this prepared mixture on a slice of bread and top it with tuna. It is quick and easy to make but may give you a difficult time to eat it as it is a tall sandwich.

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Butter Radish Sandwich

Tasy Sanwiches

This is a French delight which is built on slices of baguette. Smear butter on these slices. Now cut the neat slices of radish and apply a dressing of salt, pepper and melted butter. Place these slices of radish on your baguette.

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Honey and Ricotta Cheese Oatmeal Sandwich

Tasy Sanwiches

To prepare this sandwich, get sourwood honey, red pepper flakes and ricotta cheese along with oatmeal bread. The different part of this sandwich is that it is so earthy and filling sandwich. Get the grain bread and toast it to the golden brown color. Spread both the slices with ticotta cheese and sprinkle pepper flakes and honey on them. Press both the pieces of the oatmeal bread together and have fun!

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Strong Cheddar Sandwich

Tasy Sanwiches

Rye bread is a perfect base as it is dense. Make it a base for sharp cheddar and strong whole-grain Wisconsin mustard. Start with two slices of rye bread and spread mustard and thin slices of cheese on both of them. Press them together and enjoy.

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