Sexy Lingerie for Bridal for Her First Night

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To all the ladies out there, first of all, heartiest congratulations to you and your partner for a happy married life. Now that the first night of your marriage is right around the corner, it is the time that you find out the best types of lingerie that could spice up the intimacy and arousal within you both. Excited? Well, you should be.

Here goes the hot list of sexy and seductive lingerie for you to turn your husband on:

1. Push-up Lingerie

Push-up Lingerie

No matter how much cleavage you wish you reveal, you will look super hot in the push-up lingerie. This bold kind of lingerie gives your bust a push upwards by enhancing the bust features. Planning to turn the first night into the naughtiest night of your life? Go for the push-up lingerie with different thongs and see how your partner can’t just get his eyes off you. Whether you want to wear cotton or a padded bra, make sure how much cleavage the push-up provides.

2. Lace Lingerie

Lace Lingerie

Lace is sexy, and it never goes out of style. The fabric is not just delicate but also very comfortable because of its sultry feature. It is just the perfect bra to be worn on your first night. Be it a full lace bra, or lace lining on the border of the bra, either way, it is going to make you look incredibly sexy. Teaming it up with a lacy g-string is just the only thing left to make your partner’s jaw drop instantly when he sees you.

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3. Corset Lingerie

Corset Lingerie

Do you want to look seductive on your marriage’s first night? Well, if you want to flaunt your body and your feminine assets, then you should go for the corset lingerie that looks flawlessly passionate. Don’t worry about the fat portions of your body, as the customized corset can do wonders by making you look slim, trim and attractive.

4. Embroidered Lingerie

Embroidered Lingerie

To make your special night full of fun, excitement, love, and lust, go for classic or contemporary embroidery bra. The pretty yet elegant lingerie comes in beautiful spiral patterns, floral prints and in other textures too. The straps are even made up of the lining which makes it look all the more gorgeous. I bet if you go for the embroidery lingerie; your partner will not let you move an inch away from him on the first night of your D-day.

5. Sheer Lingerie

Sheer Lingerie

Surprise the love of your life with the sheer lingerie that throws an intriguing and lustful feeling. Only if you are confident to carry off the sheer look that reveals your skin, then just go for it without thinking way too much. Wear a g-string to make the look complete and more seductive. Be it black or white colored lingerie or a red one to give out more of that bridal feeling, you can be rest assured that you are everything that he wants.

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6. Butterfly lingerie

Butterfly lingerie

The butterfly lingerie is incredibly alluring that is going to enhance the erotic sensation within your soul mate. Except for the butterfly lingerie, several other similar kinds of colored theme lingerie will bring out the playful mood in you. Match it with colorful thongs and see the compliments keep coming in from him.

7. Vintage lingerie

Vintage lingerie

Do you have the niche for royalty? If yes, then the vintage lingerie is exactly what you must be looking for while you go for bridal lingerie shopping. This traditional yet graceful lingerie is going to bring out the royal you by making you look stunning and hard to resist. Choose matching colors that go along with your dress too. Delicate frills on the straps and boy-shorts-ups are just the perfect match.

So what’s up with you? Are you still thinking will these look sensuous enough or not? Well, just get the best according to you from the list and see how memorable the first night of your marriage is going to be. Also, don’t forget to use the Snapdeal coupons and get the best deals on all the hot and sexy varieties of lingerie which are perfect to give your partner a hard-on.

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