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Sagittarius Woman

Sagittarius Woman

Sagittarius Woman

The Sagittarius woman is incessantly and inquisitive curious. This signs statute the house of philosophy and the Sagittarius woman search for the truth in all state of affairs. Sagittarius woman sees the sights every man; child and wife intensely and topics of exchange can run the breadth from politics to religion to sexual partialities. She requires judgment and her dreary, on the face declarations may make you sentiment like running away from her. Then unexpectedly she will say incredibly so delightful that you will feel as if you are in the heaven.

Sagittarius Woman Personality

The Sagittarius woman is idealistic, truthful and has the excellent sense of humor. She wants to learn things from her experience, in its place of relying on second-hand opinions. That is why, she likes to meet various people, share and get skills and experiment with different things.

This woman has a philosophical and inquisitive twisted of mind. She is very broad minded and even not sensitive. The bad habit is that they’re not very careful about how their acts and verbal communication may affect others. She always converses the truth, even if it hurts others as well as their friends, family members or relatives. She likes to live in the present moment and doesn’t conciliation her freedom.

Being an extremely intellectual female she loves interacting with people. Summit new people are her favorite diversion. She is terrifically a fair lady. Honesty, sincerity, dedications and truthfulness are her additional abilities. Her nature can suit to everyone, but best well-matched signs for her are Sagittarius, Leo, Aries, and Gemini. A self-respective man is perfect in her attitude.

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Sagittarius Woman Positive Traits

The phrase identifies a scoop a scoop was almost certainly coined for a Sagittarius lady. Ms. Sagittarius is a brutally honest. She will verbalize her psyche whenever possible and always speak the truth. This girl is full of life and energy. It’s fun to be with her. She will be fiercely independent. She is a very friendly woman and most likely has many friends from both the sexes. Chances are the travel bug will bite her and pack her bags to go around the world.

Many of us unlike her, she will never have an impractical outlook about life. She sees the world with her on ways.  This lady is charming in a weird way. She is an exceptional woman who can be misunderstood by many. She is very sunny and bright lady; you won’t find her in a depressive mood. This woman is pretty unconventional in her behavior. She is a true romantic and will struggle for her ideals.

 Sagittarius Woman Negative Traits

She is a straightforward lady; due to this attitude can get her into a lot of dilemmas. At the same times, she can get too self-determining. Ancestral ties make her prickly, and she has preferences to be detached and unaccompanied. She is spendthrift and can get a little slipshod with money. Sometimes, this girl can become twitchy with the boring life. Her naivety makes her defenseless. She is very careless about her health.

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Physical Appearance of Sagittarius Woman

Usually, the woman born under this sign has thick hair, and she is relatively high and tends to be tall or very tall. Her oval shaped face is open and welcoming, with the great smile. The nose has good proportions. Her eyes are full of cheerfulness the eyes are shiny and happy, so far she is nippy to notice everything that is going on approximately her.

She has a tendency to gain weight in middle-age because of preventable habits and then she become twitchy. She was mostly seen in a cheerful mood and her shining eyes make her very attractive. Her voice is also very pleasing. Her hands tend to be longer than her trunks. Her nose is big, as are her top row teeth. Typically she has dark hair that when in light a golden brown to reddish brown shade can be distinguished. She also has lovely eyes.

Sagittarius Woman Love

The Sagittarius woman in love is relentlessly probing the mysteries of life and existence of the universe. She tremendously loves to traveling and like to investigate new places and mysterious cultures. She in love shows that she is gifted with plenty of vigor. She enjoys real and action packed events. Although she possesses enthusiasm, she is vulnerable to change of moods.

She shows that in love she is everlastingly mystified about love, and it’s clandestine. She is engrossed by the ambiguity of love, and this makes her wish for love stronger. She falls in love with a person who matches her money-oriented and intellectual abilities. She waits for natural friendships to grown-up into love and is at the same time terrified of relationship.

She is very dependable and sincere in matters of love. Even when preoccupied with love, she isn’t conceded away and maintains her freedom and self-possession.

In life and love, she needs a challenge. When she feels herself fetching bored or immovable in a pothole, she may run in the different direction. When she finds her right love, she will be a dedicated lover and friends. Sometimes her intensity can come on a little strong, but that’s only because she is so jam-packed of passion and so intention on sharing it with the right person. She has good love compatibility with men of Libra and men of Aquarius.

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Sagittarius Woman in Bed

Well, Sagittarius woman is a spontaneous, adventurous and skilled lover. She loves annoying out new exhilarating including anything that you might regard as out of the commonplace. Therefore, if you are the individual who insipidly attaches to the typical routine and unexciting sexual activities, you enhanced put out of your mind about hooking up with the Sagittarius.

She will get bored in a minute and seek new things or pleasure elsewhere. Give her new and satisfying experiences because failure to do so will see her finding another man who can provide these things. She takes attention; guaranteeing that her spouse is entirely satisfied with no doubt.

She is an excellent, thoughtful woman, and her greatest wish is to make her spouse the happiest man in bed. Keep in mind, she is adventurous and will not think twofold about experimenting so, don’t be shy, go further on and try out your wildest fantasies with her.

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Sagittarius Woman as a Mother

As a mother, Sagittarius woman will be very friendly with the kids. In reality, she will be more of a buddy, than a mom. Only you will have to teach them to take her bluntness with a pinch of salt. She might blemish them by being a little negligent. She will likely be an unperturbed mother who won’t hamper her children gratuitously. She exceeds her knowledge and ideas or experience on to her children as much as possible.

She will be a lovely hostess to guests and make them feel at home. Don’t try to change her and don’t curb her individuality. She will make brighter your life with her buoyancy, enhance, you with loyalty, reliance you blindly and spray her warmth on you. She will give confidence you to see dreams and help you in manufacture them come true.

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Sagittarius Woman as a Friend

By nature, she is a talkative, outspoken and straight woman. Most people admire them as friends for her right or positive, independent mindset and ability to stay behind calm and lucid all the time.

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She is also good as a friend, and she is very enthusiastic in the direction of her best friends. She will go to great pinnacles to help her friends if eternally they call her. Therefore, her friends can rely on her Sagittarius friend to help her in times of necessitate.

Sagittarius woman can’t like to stay in one place, or she loves traveling and while traveling she get experience and drive new things. And share her knowledge with others. She will not like those friends who are calm and boring in her term. She requires others to be as lively as she is.

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Sagittarius Woman Fashion

By the curious nature when she comes to fashion, this outspoken lady always have a chic and doesn’t care about fashion statement and love experimenting with her looks and wardrobe, she also does the same when it comes to fashion. Best suited colors for a Sagittarius woman is blue, crimson, shades of purple and Maroons, while frequently you might also see her admiring light pastel colors like beige and yellow, etc.

She doesn’t like to wear the latest trends; she mostly wears those clothes that she feels comfortable or easy. She loves loose jeans, dark colors and feels most relax in sportswear. She goes for minimal makeup and barely wears any jewelry, only the things that have a profound meaning like a bracelet or necklace. She is extra on the quiet and dropout side and if we had profoundly illustrate the lifestyle or fashion of a Sagittarius woman in an expression it would be a breath of fresh air.

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Sagittarius Woman Career

Sagittarius – born are conversationalist and entertainers. They have no famine of ideas due to their stimulating life experiences and bold life style. They make good comedians, philosophers, writers, storyteller and actors to a name a few; both male and female of Sagittarius are suited to anything as long as it doesn’t tie them down to too much commitment.

People of this sign frequently know how to take care of clients or patients who need comforting and need to feel better. Thus, they make good doctors, pharmacists, and genetic counselors. They would do an excellent job working with social welfare, associations, NGO’s and international organization.

There are some best careers for Sagittarius men and women; these make the excellent author, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, publisher, designer, creative department, professor, outdoor worker, travel guide, salesman, environmentalist, programmer, and freelance anything.

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