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Do I need Travel Insurance

Do I need Travel Insurance

“If you’re asking yourself ‘Do I need travel insurance?’ the answer is ‘yes.’”

Because it’s very important for you. It’s not just sufficient to have just any travel insurance either, but you need the proper travel insurance. Your credit card insurance or the necessary insurance that comes with your flight may not be sufficient to cover you in the event of an urgent situation, especially medical emergencies.

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If you don’t have insurance, emergency medical payments could cost thousands of pounds, which you may not be capable of giving, so it’s important to have travel insurance before you go somewhere.

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Here’s a useful checklist for making sure that your travel insurance covers you. Check that:

  • There’s a 24-hour emergency helpline.
  • You’re covered for lost or stolen items.
  • Your medical and health insurance help severe injuries, hospital dues and unexpected sickness.
  • It will help if you require terminating your trip or cutting it short.
  • It will help if you’re going to be doing anything chancy, such as skiing.
  • This policy covers the full price of your holiday or if you require cutting a trip short because of sickness or other situations.
  • This policy covers the cost of getting the house.

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Other sorts of travel insurance are personal accident cover (including disability and death), cover for pregnancy, authorized expenses or economic safety if your travel agency goes out of business. This great policy will also help you if something happens to your house while you are not at home.

How much not having traveled insurance could cost

Each year the price of hospital treatment in foreign countries is increasing noticeably, which means it’s becoming more and more significant to have the medical insurance policy for when you go on holiday, as you may not be capable of paying to afford your treatment if something should go incorrect.

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See Also

Stomach infections, ear diseases, hypersensitivity and heart problems are the most widespread diseases that are claimed for. Here are some theoretical examples of logical costs to expect, according to the Association of British Insurers:

  • £11,000 would cover the cost of treating a broken arm in Spain.
  • £20,000 would cover treatment of a heart infection and bleed on the brain, with transport back to the UK from Spain.
  • £86,000 would treat a heart attack with ambulance transport back to the UK

According to Sainsbury’s Finance, the standard price of inpatient treatment for gastroenteritis is as high as £1,200, or £200 for an insect bite and £275 for an ear disease.

European Health Insurance Cards (EHIC)

You should have a European Health Insurance Card or EHIC.As a UK inhabitant, you’re allowed to state health care when visiting an EU country if you have an EHIC. Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland are also the element of this system. Your card will be applicable for up to five years. It’s significant to keep in mind that your EHIC doesn’t replace travel insurance, it just complements it.

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