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Natural Ways to Quit Smoking

Natural Ways to Quit Smoking

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How to quit smoking naturally? It’s difficult to quit whether you are lifetime chain smoker or teen smoker. Addiction of anything can be harm for health, as well as smoking is also a dangerous habit that can’t be quite quickly. Many ways you can find on the internet, or CD’s, quitDVDs are available on markets how to stop smoking.

Why Quitting Smoking Seems Hard?

According to science tobacco contains nicotine which has many side effects that make our heart beat fast and irregular. When a smoker inhales the smoke of cigarette then nicotine direct attack on our nervous system and damage it that cause laziness and smoker feel relaxation that is the main reason why quitting smoking seems too hard. Another main reason is daily routine and company where you spend more time. If you are living with people that do smoke, then it will be harder for you to quit smoking. Many ways to leave some of them naturally describe below hope that would help you in quitting smoking.


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First Set a Quit Date

You should choose any date within next 2 or 3 weeks that you will not smoke after that fixed time you have decided. Tell your family members, friends, and co-workers that you plan to quit smoking and also tell them that you need their support and also say that you set a quit date that will help full for you to quitting smoking.

Change Drinks

Probably all smokers have the habit of smoking when they drink. Changed drinks are alcoholic to non-alcoholic beverages. Try to spend your most of time where smoking is prohibited

Change Company

This is the most important point that “His business knows a man”. So if you are living with smokers, then it is impossible for you to quit smoking. Change your business or stay away for those who do smoke as soon as possible if you are far-reaching to stop smoking.

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After Meal

Most of the smokers do smoking after ending a meal for lighting up. Replace that time with something else like dry fruits, candies, or sweet gums.

Make List

You should make a list of smoking side effects on health for examples smoking cause cancer, smoking Increased cause coughing, smoking cause Depression, smoking cause an irregular heartbeat. When you feel Cigarette craving, then read this list of smoking disadvantages that would help you in quitting smoking.

Stay in Touch With Doctor

During this period, remain in touch with the doctor, your doctor can prescribe some medicines that will assist in withdrawal and suggest you the best alternatives that you should adopt. You can also purchase some drugs from your local pharmacy like the nicotine patch, nicotine spray, nicotine gums that will help in withdrawal and craving of cigarette.

Cold Turkey

Quit Smoking

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Cold turkey is the technique for giving up suddenly any habit or addiction.Some smokers successfully quit smoking by going on cold turkey.It has some advantages but also disadvantages exists. Sudden giving up from drugs or drinks such as alcohol or heroin can be dangerous but in the case of smoking, it is not more hazardous. Cold turkey was unpleasant but less dangerous.

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Ask Yourself

For a while take a time to think that what type of smoker you are, which time you feel more cigarette craving in a whole day. This will help you to identify the tips and to giving up smoking. By this, you can break the addiction control your cigarette craving, and you can give up from smoking.

Main Points

Quit Smoking

  • Stay away from smokers
  • Remove cigarettes from home or room
  • Take exercise daily
  • After meal make fruits
  • Change drinks
  • Not live alone
  • Don’t think about cigarettes

Once you quit smoking, you will feel physical symptoms in your body.

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