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McDonalds Unveils Burger with a Gray Bun

McDonalds Unveils Burger with a Gray Bun

McDonalds Unveils burger with a gray bun

Different color burgers are appearing in the fast food industry rapidly, with hamburgers sandwiched between black, red and even pink buns.

Silver is breathtakingly fresh and pretty color.Here I am telling you about a silver gray bun which McDonald’s has unveiled.From the Jetsons’ glittery garments to the smooth chrome buildings of Disney World’s Tomorrowland, silver is a color of “future.” We guess that’s the motivation behind McDonald’s new “Modern Chinese Burger,” which the fast food behemoth unveiled in China past this week.

The sandwich’s fillings are standard enough—a pork patty with bacon and Thousand Island/Sichuan-inspired dressing. On the other hand, the meat and condiments are lodged among an unbelievable selection of bread: a faintly metallic gray bun. Reviewer’s at Time Out Beijing were initially grossed out by the burger’s appearance, but they apparently sampled it and enjoyed its flavor.

If you’re visiting Asia and craving advanced fast food, the Modern Chinese Burger will be available at select locations in China until November 3—giving customers just a little more than two weeks to decide whether they’re, well, loving’ it.

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