Indian Women’s most trusted Garment

Indian Women’s Most Trusted Garment

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As soon as we hear the word “Saree,” it reminds us of Indian women. Saree is one of the oldest attire which is still surviving because of its endless craze. Most of the clothes which were used in medieval times are fallen apart, but the Saree remains in fashion. The reason for the failure of other clothes was that they were not able to innovate. It is said that things which continue to be constant become defunct after some time. The best part with Saree is that it can be innovated very frequently. Now and then various people think Craze about Saree is going to end because of the enormous influence of Western Clothes in India, but Saree has placed itself in the inner soul of Indian lady that no other garment can take. There is the vast scope of changes in it. We can find near around 200 types of Sarees available in the market. Women are offered so many choices so that they become fascinated of at least of one of the types. It is said that not only Indian women but women across the world used to dress it. In India, its presence is still there while in other parts this place has been taken by western or other clothes.

Tradition in Saree

Tradition in Saree

Saree has seen drastic changes over the years. Earlier we used to see our Grandma tying very long Sarees which covered most of the body. Then we saw our Mother generation where Saree size is reduced, and more innovation and embroidery is done to look it more attractive. Now we saw our generation saree as in this era women likes to show their body, so shape and size are changed drastically. Most of the Designer Saree has Embroidery done, and sometimes it doesn’t require any further jewelry because of most of the things are attached to it. As we see till now, see most of the Indian women wears saree during the wedding. So, one thing for sure it is tough for any other garment to take that place. Saree is so attached to the inner soul that Indian women feel it brings wellness, happiness with it.

Saree Influencing Factor

Saree Influencing Factor

Saree or we can say handloom industry in India is one of the biggest manufacturers in India. India is the world leader in this, and most of the Sarees are manufactured here. Most of the embroidery and designed which are crafted on Saree are handmade. So, emotional factor is always there while buying Saree. Saree manufacturer predicts women minds so appropriately that they come with innovative design which is very hard to refuse. Most the manufacture takes women opinion before going for producing the new concept. Bollywood has always remained the biggest promotion source for Saree. Women get very easily fascinated if they find someone else wearing it. Most of the saree companies when they launch new design uses resist themselves and try to buy that Saree as early as possible. One more factors which have impulse buying behavior on women is sales offer. It is found that women are more attracted towards sales offer than men. So, most of the Company keep attractive sales offer to attract women. In one study it is found that till now the best gift for females is saree. This tradition is coming from ages that Women have gifted Saree when they come to their parent’s homes or their relative homes.

Alternative of Saree

Salwar Kameez

As Indian culture is facing the bitter challenge from Western clothes. So, it very necessary to take care of design and comfort. Nobody wants to wear something attractive if it is not giving support. At present various young generation has complained about saree, that it is not giving them support. So most of them seek for Jeans or other alternatives. So, to counter this challenge Salwar and Kameez can play a vital role. It is quite comfortable and quite ethnic. Nowadays, we can find various innovations in Salwar special care has taken for providing comfort. As in India most of the year, it is humid and hot, so clothes are designed in that way so that it can keep them fresh. Nowadays various variants are coming in these categories which are both attractive and comfortable. Most of the women who are not seen happy with Saree have found Salwar comfortable. Nowadays women wore it during the party. The only thing which is lacking in it is the promotion. Saree has found various actresses to promote about it but we hardly any celebrity to support about Salwar Kameez that’s why it is not able to get craze which Saree enjoys. So, Company should invest more in this field rather than just spending money on design.

Future Perspective of Saree

As we can clearly see Saree has still a lot of things left to serve women, so it is going to stay for at least two century more if not less. So, gift saree to your dear ones and make them happy because another name for happiness for women is still Saree.

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