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How To Strengthen Brittle Nails

How To Strengthen Brittle Nails

Hands and Nail Care

Beautiful hands are the love of every girl. If these beautiful hands have pretty nails, they look even more charming. Obviously, you need to fulfill the requirements of excellent hands and healthy nails. Here, in this article I have mentioned how to cure brittle nails. Hopefully, it will be a fresh piece of reading for you!

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Take Care Of Your Hands And Nails

Hands and Nail Care

It is imperative that you protect your hand and nail from any damage. Make sure you nourish them properly. The mentioned below tips will help you keep your hands and nails beautiful:

  • Maintain a safe and healthy diet. Add calcium to your diet as it provides health to your nails. They look pink and healthy.
  • Apply lemon on your nails. Whenever you use, wait until it dries out. Afterward, wash it.
  • Apply cream twice on your hands as it keeps them softness and glow. Beautiful hands in return make your nails look lovely.
  • Do not bite your nails.
  • Keep your diet healthy and balanced.
  • Keep your hands neat and tidy.
  • Cut, trim and file them every week to avoid the growth of bacteria.

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What are Brittle Nails

Onychorrhexis is derived from the combination two Greek words, (onycho – nail, rhexis – bursting). It is also known as Brittle Nails. It is a brittleness with the breakage of nails (finger or toe) that may happen because of extreme water exposure to hands and feet. Other like strong soap, anemia, anorexia nervosa, hypothyroidism, nail polish remover, or bulimia.

How to Strengthen Brittle Nails

Hands and Nail Care

  • Health Issues

They mostly indicate the chances of poor health so it may take some time when it comes to health. You can also can them the indication of poor health. Nails should properly be treated internally as well as externally. Topical treatment is recommended for healthy and unhealthy nails.

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  • Moisturizing The Hands

Hands and Nail Care

Applying cream and moisturizing your hands is vital. Moisturizing the cuticles is also very essential as it nourishes the nails too. Adding vitamins to your diet is preferable like Biotin – a B-complex Vitamin that targets the health of nails, skin, and hair.

Note: Apply cream, lotion or moisturizer especially after having exposure to the water or high soapy water. It will help them to stay active and healthy.

  • Coat Of Clear Nail Polish

Hands and Nail Care

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Always prefer to apply the coat of clear / transparent nail polish. It is also known as the strengthener. It protects nails from breaking, thinning, shedding and even becoming yellow.

Note: Remember! Cut, trim and file your nails every week to prevent the growth of bacteria under your nails. By doing this, they will look neat and clean as well.

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  • Do Not Bite

What Your Nails Really Say About You

Biting nails are very commonly found the issue that causes the breakage of nails. We bite nails when we are confused or conscious. Try to keep your hands busy to avoid biting your nails. It even seems unethical

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