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How to Increase Memory Power

How to Increase Memory Power

How to Increase Memory Power

Today we will discuss a unique topic. I forgot what I have to write, you know many things that I forgot like lose sight of taking dinner, taking the bath to my baby, forget to sign on my check, forget to wash or iron my dress and sometimes I forget to while I was cooking and all the food burn. Some person remembers different things like some person forget that face; some remember the name of persons, etc. These types of habits are not good as you have to face loose. Our brain is like a cobweb as the more cobweb mean sharp mind. Here I will tell you that how to increase memory power.

Why you lose your memory?

Have you ever think about it?

  • You are not taking enough sleep.
  • You are not taking balance diet.
  • You do not exercise daily.
  • You have the improper timetable.
  • You use extra sweet food in your diet.
  • You are taking artificial sweetener in your diet.

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How can you increase your memory

Now I will tell you how you can increase your memory power

As you’re a healthy body has a healthy mind, so you have to keep your body healthy and fit. It is said that you cannot teach an old monkey new trick, but you can learn many things about mature human beings because a person can adopt and change even in old age. Even you are aged but your brain cell can be renewed, and you can reshape your mind quickly by learning new skills.

Organize yourself

How to Increase Memory Power

  • First of all, be preparing for everything like organize your life properly.
  • Plan your daily activities a night before and write a brief description of some things.
  • Remind your important task and meeting on the calendar.
  • Put you keys and eyeglasses to the proper place from where you can easily pick them.
  • If you organize you all life properly, then you can improve your concentration level.

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Avoid multitasking

How to Increase Memory Power

  • Well multitasking is a useful skill, and you can do more task in less time but according to new research, it is proved that multitasking will slow down your mind.
  • If you do one task at the same time then you concentrate and focus only on one task and as a result, your concentration level will be improved and you memory will increase.

Don’t take stress

 How to Increase Memory Power

  • Stress is the horrible thing about your brain. As if you adopt to pressure the new cell of your brain will be destroyed. Depression, anxiety, stress, high blood pressure, and diabetes always directly affect your brain cell and memory.
  • I know every person have to face many types of tension and worries. Try to ignore little things and don’t take stress about the small task.
  • You should do some yoga exercise to calm yourself.

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 How to Increase Memory Power

  • As if you want to perform the well physical task then exercise is must same as your brain also some important thing that increases the ability of your brain. When you take exercise, the blood circulation will increase, and oxygen goes into your brain cell correctly.
  • When you use nerve cell release protein that triggers the other chemical of your brain and, as a result, your memory will work better.
  • It is proved by From a recent research when a person takes regular exercise. He has more ability and active memory as compared to the individual who don’t do exercise.

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You have a healthy relationship

How to Increase Memory Power

  • You must have the robust and healthy relationship. Spend time with your loved one and enjoy a lot.
  • Make more and more friends and increase your social circle.
  • Join different type of progressive groups and clubs to become more social.
  • Always develop a vigorous and good relation with your spouse.

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Laugh as you can

 How to Increase Memory Power

  • Laughs also increase the performance of your brain.
  • Laugh with your friends and spouse on different jokes and deed, like a laugh, can engage the multiple cells of your brain.
  • Always join those groups who laugh always.
  • Paste funny images and funny cartoon around your working place.

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Take balance diet

How to Increase Memory Power

The diet that you also take direct effects on the performance of your brain, so you should make healthy and fresh food. Take nuts, almonds and nutmeg in your diet daily as possible.

Take omega 3 in your diet

How to Increase Memory Power

  • Omega3 is magnificent to increase the performance of your brain. All type of fish is the rich source of omega 3.
  • Other foods like flaxseed, walnut, broccoli, ground flaxseed, beans, pumpkin seeds, Spanish, and soybeans are the rich source of omega 3, include this food in your diet as much as possible.

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Take fresh fruits and vegetable

Vegetables and Fruits

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  • Take more fruits and vegetable that has the property of antioxidant, as an antioxidant can boost your memory.
  • Take the potato and a green vegetable like Spanish, broccoli, kale, etc.
  • Take mango, watermelon, banana and apricot as much as possible.

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Take enough sleep

Woman sleeping well in bed - Sweet dreams.

  • Take enough sleep at least 8 to 10 hours. When you go to bed, your brain will remove all the temporary things and events from your memory as a computer and next day you become fresher and mentally healthy.
  • Take short sleep or catnaps during the day when you feel tired, or you feel any energy no, these short catnaps will recharge you and make your brain more active.

Do brain exercise


  • Many types of brain activity are available that increase the performance of your brain like yoga and taking a deep breath.
  • When you take a deep breath, you inhale oxygen in your body and then exhale. This process provides more oxygen to your brain cell and as a result, the performance of brain will be the increase.
  • Move your eyes from one side to another side only for 30 seconds, this simple exercise is also exquisite for you. Do his exercise, at least, three times in a day.

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A miracle brain exercise

  • Very simple exercises that can increase you memory sharp your mind, improve your thinking, improve your concentration level and make your behavior good.
  • Stand up straight.
  • Take your left hand and put on the right ear and take your right hand and put on left ear.
  • While you holding your earlobes bend your knees as you sit and stand up quickly,
  • While you sitting, inhale
  • When you standing up, exhale
  • Perform this brain exercise at least for 3 to 5 minutes in as day.

Avoid foods that are not good for your memory

Many types of food that are not good for you like junk food, fatty and fried food, red meat, whole milk, cheese, ice cream, etc. Avoid alcohol and cigarette as the brain cell can be damage if you use these types of items.

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Do some active activity to increase the power of brain

Brilliant Mind

  • Always try to busy in some positive activates or in learning new skills.
  • Knitting, painting is the best option for you.
  • Many cells of activated in your brain when you learn new skills.
  • Do some activities in which your hand and eyes work.

Associate thing with place

set up the mind for possiblity of bussiness

In this technique, you associate your thing with different locations. For example, if you have to come back your home, and you have to buy some things like egg, milk, clothes, cold drinks, fruits, etc. then a merely through that which places are coming in your way to a bridge, the main door, a road, a park shopping mall, etc. You just associate you an egg with door, milk with the bridge, cloth with the main gate, cold drinks with grass and fruits with a shopping mall. You will never forget after you have associate you things, try this trick and share your experience with us.

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Play brain games

Many types of brain games that you can play and increase your memory power like a puzzle, Sudoku, crossword. These types are little complicated, but when you play these kinds of the brain, then your brain have to do some work. And your memory and intelligence will be sharp.

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