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How to Decorate Your Home

How to Decorate Your Home

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Your house might be looking fantastic at first glance, but it looks amazing ONLY at first glance. When you start living in it, one thing or the other makes you get annoyed. There are common mistakes we make while decorating your house. They might be misfit or forcefully placed but what you actually can do to make all your problems get solved, follow the tips mentioned below. How to decorate your home with different ideas.

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Theme Based Room

Chandeliers - Ornaments

We are crazy about different things. This might be animals, any celebrity and like this. Maintaining your craze along in your room is not bad but to the minimum extent. Choosing an animal theme does not mean that you paint your wall, buy pillows, bed sheets and all of the animal print. You want to live in a room rather than a jungle. Theme based room looks great, but we soon get bored of it so avoid it as it will the double your expense to change all of it.

Scattered Display of Items

Beautiful And Tiny Bedroom

Things placed awkwardly on one side of the room, or the other can make your room look seriously pathetic. Mismatched things, angles statues, children’s pottery and so on, lying here and there makes a room messy and fussy to live in. Try to place those things which you can manage properly. Opt for displaying minimum pieces and changing their places off and on to have a change. Showcasing few and beautiful things can give grace to your room.

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Displaying Plants

Displaying tiny plants all over your house make it look outdated. It was the fashion of the 70s and the decade has passed away. The modern way is to put one large plant in a pot in any corner of your house so that it does not come in the way. Prefer not to display little flowers all over you house or it will seem to shrink the original space of your home.

Overcrowding of Wall Color

There should be the proper plan and flow all over your house even when it comes to the paint off the walls. Every new wall covered with new paint color are distracting and create a visual tension. Obviously, you want you guests to feel stimulated rather but relaxed as well. An orange room followed by a blue room followed by another colored room will give a wrong impression and improper planning. There should be proper relation between all the rooms of the house whether it is a bedroom or living room.

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Not Knowing When to Quit

Music room

People do not stop putting pieces until they are unable to move around in a room without knocking down few of the pieces. The modern trend is to focus on simplicity. Open rooms with few pieces and light furniture are perfect and trendy. Let your rooms breathe and be comfortable for everyone.

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Selecting Busy Textiles

Prefer clearer lines as they will collect less dust when choosing tablecloths, window coverings, upholstery fabrics, steer clear of anything with massive gathering. If you prefer prints, keep them subtle so that you can switch items occasionally. Lightly toned stuff looks greater when decorating your house.

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Note of the Author

All you need to do is to choose things accordingly. There should be flow and relation among all the things placed in a room. Make your house look straightforward and stylish as much as possible.

I hope this article will proof to be helpful for you whenever you have to decorate your home the next time. This short article is to let you know the very common mistakes we make while painting a house and cannot identify them later. Follow them and let your house look beautiful. Good Luck!!!

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