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How to Become a Good Mother

How to Become a Good Mother

Mother's Day

Being a mother is a great blessing of Allah, and we have to thankful that Allah has given us so beautiful babies. At the same time being a mother is also a challenge for you; mean how you handle your baby and how you set the routine of your baby. What you teach your baby etc. Now your whole personality and way of work are being copied by your child. You are the role model for your baby. If you are committing wrong deeds in the front of your child, then your child will do same, and if you do good deeds then your baby will do the same thing. It said that mother leap is child first school. So have to become very careful and must teach your baby all good habits, as it is your future. And I am sure you want your future will be secure and successful. I will tell you some tips; if you follow, How to become a good mother and teach your child many good qualities.

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Be careful about your baby

You baby is your future, and your whole life is for you. Care your baby too much about everything, like giving proper food, make a good routine of your baby, and provide all necessary elements of life. As your baby grows, requirements and needs are change. So you have to take care of your baby.

Show your lots of love

Children are so sensitive, and every baby, child, and teenage require lots of love and attention, as it is the primary need of every baby. Make your baby feel special by showing your love like give your baby good night kiss, hug and lots of love. Call your baby by lovable name.

Give some space to you child

Mother has a good time with son

It’s good that you do all your work that baby needs, but there are some work and little responsibilities that your child has to understand like changing clothes, or take her/his lunch box with or cleaning shoes or eating foods. These are small deeds that your baby has to do. Due to this, your baby becomes responsible, and also your baby feels that he has some rights, manners, and responsibilities.

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Be supportive of the hobbies of your child

  • Well, every child has different thoughts and mind. So the hobbies of babies are sometimes different and fool. You are parents and don’t need to laugh or forbid your child from good activities.
  • If you want that your baby become a singer, and your baby is showing interest in medical field then don’t force or forbid your baby, just become a supportive person and provide your baby some facilities as he/she can fully enjoy and learn without any tension and hesitation.
  • If your daughter ant to learn different types of dishes, then provide all ingredient to your daughter and qualified coach, as she can learn to cook. You can also teach your daughter many kinds of tasty dishes.

Take interest in your child hobbies and likes

Mother has a good time with son

The main point of a good friend and a good mother is that she always shows interest in the hobbies of their babies. She never forbids or neglects baby activities.

If your child like a painting then provides all type of color and brushes that your baby wants and also show that you also like painting so much. Do paint with your child and give your baby more ideas about painting.

Plain some extracurricular activities for you baby

  • Extracurricular activities are good for the healthy and strong baby. Plain some indoor and outdoor activities for your baby and also you take part in these activities like
  • Do some craft project with your bay and provide all type of material that your baby wants.
  • Plan some outdoor games like cricket, football or walking.
  • Go into some historical and informative places with your babies like a museum, historical places, and educational places, as it is the activity and also teaching your baby.

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Be patient

Mother has a good time with son

As being a mother is a challenge for you. You have to face many types of challenges daily that are very tough for you that can lose your temper so much, but if you want to teach your baby good habits then you have to control yourself and be patient. If your baby does not understand your “No” then gives your baby a proper reliable and practical reason according to her mind.

Being a good listener

If you want to become a good mother, then you have to become a good listener. Yes, a good listener is always a good friend and good friend always teach better. Make a habit that your baby shares daily routine with you. Especially ask your baby daily a good thing and a bad thing that he/she had done or felt.  Don’t become so stick or rude if your baby shares any bad points, infect you have to teach you baby in a proper and polite way.

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Give time to your baby

Always spend quality time with your baby daily. Quality time mean you have to do a positive activity with your babies like a positive game, or exercise or any good habit. You can also teach your child about their school or college work.  Understand the needs of your baby and paly with your baby as a friend.

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Give some pocket money

Your baby has a unique personality, and he/she has basic needs and requirements. Give some pocket money according to your budget and make him bit liberal, as he/she can spend money and learn something. Don’t ask your baby every time to save money.

Be aware of change in time

Genration Gap

Well as the time passes the things, the situation will change. When you were a kid, then your thought and time were different, and now generation change and many things and technologies are develop the thought also modify. So you also have to aware of the difference and do work and plan things according to time, as your baby will have to copy you. If your baby examines that you have updated and aware all type of changes then you baby can share many things with you.

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