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How to be a good Brother?

How to be a good Brother?

Good Brother

What a great relation being a brother, I like it very much. A brother can be a good friend, teacher, coach, and adviser as there is no any other selfish behavior in this good relation that Allah has gifted us. So we have to thanks, full that Allah has given us a so beautiful gift in the form of a brother. There are some things that you should follow and try to become a good brother that listed below. Let we discuss in detail that how to be a good brother?

Be Protective for your Sibling

Good brother always protects your sibling from other people and children. If someone is teasing your sibling in the school or any other activity then as a brother you should stand for your sibling and protect forms those people who are teasing your sibling. Also, you should protect other innocent children from bad children. In this way, your sibling will understand the difference between wrong and right.

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Show your Lots of Love for your Sibling

Good Brother

As being a brother is the great blessing of Allah. And these relations always remain with you all the life. You should love your sibling too much infect you have to show love in the form of kiss and hug.

Don’t Act Like Boss

As a good brother, it is your duty that you teach your sibling, many things but at the same time, it is also your duty to forbid your sibling from evil deeds that can spoil their life. But be careful if you are advising or forbidding then you should don’t order infect you have to say everything in a polite way. Don’t try to become their parents as you parents are enough for them

Plan some extra time for your sibling

  • As a brother, it is your duty to spend your time with your sibling like plain something that you and your sibling like equally like
  • Play some indoor activate and outdoor activities like football, walking, running, attend a party, etc.
  • Plain some trip with your sibling once a time in a month and go for enjoying and learning.

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Help your Sibling in Their Work

As a good brother, it is your duty that you have to help you sibling in their little and small works like school homework, test preparation, a collection of notes, etc. I am not saying that you do these works by yourself just give some ideas to your sibling regarding the problem and let them solve by herself. Help your sibling in maintaining their room and managing clothes, shoes and other stuff.

Share your Good and Bad Experience

As a brother, it is your duty to you listen to your sibling in a good way.  Good listener always creates a fantastic atmosphere in the home. Try to look the whole day routine of you a sibling, listen the bad and good thing that happens to you and you also share your bad and good things with your sibling, as this type of behavior makes your relationship stronger.

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Share your Stuff with your Sibling

Brother Sister Playing with Water

I always share many things with my sibling like shoes, dress, books, laptop, toys, etc. this is an excellent habit of making strong this relation. Some brother uses the stuff their sibling but doesn’t do the same things. This type of behavior is dreadful, and it makes your relationship week.

Always Respect your Sibling

Dont Fight

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As every person has his/her, self-respect and he/she never want to hurt in any case. If your sibling is younger or older, you should respect a lot in front of their parents, friends, and teacher. If you every one hurt your sibling, it creates too much negative behavior like inferiority complex and violence.

Being a Brother as a Role Model

As you are a role model for your sibling, then you have to do some more struggle to enhance and groom your personality. You can also do some job in your part time, and take some gifts for you sibling and other family members.

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Don’t Adopt Bad Habits

Facts about Alcohol

Bad habits kill your personality and future too much. Always stay away from smoking, alcohol and other bad things that are terrible for your health. If you make a habit to use these type of things, then your sibling will also copy you and use alcohol and bad things.


I have told you some tips that how can you become a good brother. I know my knowledge is limited. What are your secrets to becoming a good sister share your thoughts and experience with us? Thank you.

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