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Sunstroke Causes Symptoms and Treatment

Sunstroke Causes Symptoms and Treatment

Heatstroke/ Sunstroke Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis Treatment

Whenever summer arrives, it brings various blessings along with harmful aspects as well. The temperature rises to such an extreme that it affects our skin and hair badly. Well, as this is not in our control but our health is so important. We should have proper knowledge regarding summer issues like sunstroke etc. We need to know sunstroke causes and treatments.

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Sun Stroke

Sunstroke is also known as heat stroke, heat illness, heat injury, and hyperthermia. In this situation, the temperature of a body increases to above 105 (F) and your brain unable to control the temperate of your body. Typically the heatstroke happens from one of these situations:
Now a day the temperature remains extremely high. The best way to make you learn that what is sun stroke; I will make myself an example for you. A few days back, I had to work all the day in direct sunlight. When I come home, I was fatigued and felt sickness. I noticed that my body temperature is increasing rapidly. Here are the symptoms that I had:

Sun Rays

Symptoms/ Signs of Sunstroke:

When I came home, I felt following symptoms:

  • Severe headache
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Weakness
  • Skin became very red and hot
  • Rapid change in behavior
  • Confused
  • Muscular pain
  • Yellow and hot urine
  • Slow heart beat

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Reasons of Sun Stroke:

There are some reasons of sun stroke like:
When your nervous system fails to control your body cooling system and, as a result, your body becomes extremely hot. Anything that increases your body temperature is the main reason of sunstroke either it is physical, medical or age.

  • Option 1

If you remain under the sun for long times, you may suffer.

  • Option 2

If you do hard physical work in a hot environment without any intake of fluid can make you suffer.

  • Dehydration also causes of sunstroke. When you are not taking enough fluid and your body is extracting water quickly is also the cause of sunstroke.
  • Use of alcohol may become a reason of sunstroke because it increases you average body temperature.

Women in Hot Heat

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Who Becomes the Target of Sunstroke?

Anybody who is working at a high temperature is at the risk of sunstroke, but there are some people who are always at a risk such as

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  • Children
  • People above 50
  • Heart patient
  • Obesity
  • Alcoholism
  • Diabetes
  • Use of certain drugs

How to Treat Sunstroke Properly?

When you feel that you are the victim of sunstroke, then you should follow some rules to control it otherwise sunstroke is very dangerous for your brain and body. Here are the ideas for the treatment of sunstroke:

  • First, you should call an emergency because heatstroke can damage your brain, heart, kidney and muscles.
  • Remove all stuff like shoes, socks, hat, clothes and go to a chilled environment.
  • Go to a washroom and sit into the fresh water tub.
  • If the cool water is not available, then wet a towel and put it on a neck, arm, head, etc.
  • After bath move to cool place.
  • Massage your arms and legs so that the blood runs to the brain.
  • Take lots of cold water and beverage with salt. It will prevent you from dehydration.
  • Do not take any stress and be fresh and do not think what is going on.

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Apply Sunblock

How Can You Prevent from Sunstroke?

Prevention is better than cure. If you want to escape from sunstroke, then you should follow some precautions that are mention below:

  • Take plenty of water
  • The most common reason of sunstroke is dehydration. If you sweat a lot, then you will lose all your water from the body as soon as possible, but if you are taking fluids and beverages, then water requirement of your body will be fulfilled.
  • Take healthy breakfast and when you go out then take a water bottle with you and stay away from alcohol.
  • Wear loose and light clothes
  • Always wear clothes that can absorb sweat. Tight clothes will increase your temperature, and you will feel like you are burning.
  • Do not go directly in the sun especially when it is at its peak.
  • In the summer when the sun is very hot then avoid outdoor activities but if it is urgent then take an umbrella with you.
  • Do not sleep near pool or beach.

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