Wedding movie

Wedding Movies are awesome due to its fun, comedy, emotions and lot more. No matter what’s age you have, but you love these wedding movies. Go ahead, take a box of tissues and jump keen on a wedding movie epic — we won’t judge you! In fact, we’ll go off a step extra and give you through a list of films you can flow on Netflix . . . Tonight, if you desire. Hold the drama, tears, cheese feature, plus romance of wedding season through these 20 films. There are dark and deep dramas, well-loved standards, silly comedies, plus, of course, a TV movie. Which wedding movie, you are going to watch tonight.

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1. Walking and Talking

Wedding movie

The ’90s dramedy is Walking and Talking superstars Catherine Keener plus Anne Heche as best friends are dealing with their lives departing in dissimilar directions — one in the solitary life and one catching in married.

2. Love, Wedding, Marriage

Wedding movie

It’s all romantic comedy film. Mandy Moore and Kellan Lutz star as newlyweds dealing with parental connection drama in the romantic comedy Love, Wedding, Marriage. You love it after watching this beautiful movie.

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3. The Decoy Bride

Wedding movie

The movie is all about love between 3 peoples. The Decoy Bride is a British rom-com starring Alice Eve as a superstar bride-to-be who sprints away as of her fiancé and has to be “swapped” by a neighboring girl played through Kelly Macdonald.

4. The Wedding Pact

Wedding movie

Best friends played via Haylie Duff, and Chris Soldevilla faces the choice to go after throughout on their college pact to get married if they’re both single through a assured age in The Wedding Pact.

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5. Muriel’s Wedding

Wedding movie

Toni Collette stars as the discomfited, Abba-obsessed heroine in Muriel’s Wedding, the ’90s Australian cult typical concerning a girl who dreams large.

6. Cheerful Weather For the Wedding

Wedding movie

Cheerful Weather For the Wedding is a romantic, dreamy British dramedy starring Felicity Jones as a nervous bride worried she’s departing to marry the incorrect man.

7. Revenge of the Bridesmaids

Wedding movie

Raven-Symoné and Joanna García perform covertly bridesmaids trying to break up a wedding inside the ABC Family movie Revenge of the Bridesmaids.

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8. The Right Kind of Wrong

Wedding movie

The Right Kind of Wrong is a rom-com starring Ryan Kwanten as a divorcée who involves in love with a woman on her wedding day.

9. Double Wedding

Wedding movie

Double Wedding is a comedic TV movie starring Tia plus Tamera Mowry as twins who unintentionally date the similar man.

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10. The Big Wedding

Wedding movie

The Big Wedding is a group comedy concerning a family coming collectively for a wedding.

11. Save the Date

Wedding movie

Save the Date is an indie comedy starring Lizzy Caplan plus Alison Brie as sisters dealing with proposals, breakups, plus wedding preparation.

12. Holiday Engagement

Wedding movie

Holiday Engagement is a Hallmark Channel movie concerning a woman who hires a false fiancé to face her family throughout the holidays.

13. Jewtopia imagining

Wedding movie

Indie comedy Jewtopia is a film version of a lengthy-running off-Broadway play concerning a man imagining to be Jewish to make an impression the daughter of a Rabbi.

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14. Loco Love

Wedding movie

Loco Love is concerning a man marrying the sister of a draw winner so he can obtain financing intended for a restaurant.

15. One Small Hitch

Wedding movie

One Small Hitch is a romantic comedy concerning friends who imagine being getting married to settle the groom’s dying father.

16. Flower Girl

Wedding movie

Flower Girl is a Nigerian romantic comedy concerning a woman who imagines being dating a movie star to create her boyfriend jealous plus offer for a wedding.

17. The Wedding Video

Wedding movie

The Wedding Video is a comedy explosion in the way of a home video by a best man documenting a pair’s wedding.

18. The Wedding Gift

Wedding movie

The Wedding Gift is a British made-for-TV drama bottomed on a real true story on a woman through a degenerating sickness who in secret sets her husband up with his prospect wife.

19. Four Weddings and a Funeral

Wedding movie

The typical British rom-com Four Weddings and Funeral stars Hugh Grant plus Andie MacDowell as members of a cluster of friends bouncing approximately as of funeral to the wedding.

20. The Perfect Wedding

Wedding movie

Indie rom-com The Perfect Wedding is concerning family, friends, fake couples, plus exes coming mutually for a wedding setting up at Christmastime.


I have told you about wedding movies, and I hope you will not miss any above movie. Send me your feedback and share your views with us. Thank you.