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Facts About Sleep

Facts About Sleep

Sleep Well

What is a Facts About Sleep?

The Fact can be defined in three different ways. Here are three mentioned definition of fact:

  • A thing that is undeniably the case
  • Used in discussing the importance of something that is the case
  • A piece of information used as verification or as part of a description or news article

I could not resist sharing the interesting information I have for you related to the sleep. I came across the most interesting facts about sleeping routines and hours which we commonly ignore. Now, after a huge research, I want to share what I have learned. I am pretty sure that you are going to like it.

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In this article, I am focusing on the facts related to sleep which probably you may not know. If you feel reading it any further than keep on scrolling down your page. I hope you will find this article interesting.

Sleep Facts

Well, it is always interesting to know about facts no matter what they are about. It’s like they are quick to read and in the end, you have two things; fun and knowledge. I have mentioned few really interesting facts related to sleep.

It does not matter what your routine is but maybe you fall in any of the fact below. It might be possible that you have any fact in common, and you never know how dangerous it is for you. If you want to know about all this, Read facts about sleep!

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Facts Related To Sleep

  • Humans sleep for 25 years of their life which is one-third of their life.
  • The record ever made till now of longest span without sleep is 11 days.
  • Life expectancy reduces when you sleep less than seven hours in a day.
  • At one time, only one-half of the dolphin’s brain goes to sleep.
  • Parents of new born babies miss out 180 days worth of sleep in the first two years of their child’s life.
  • Some deaf people make sign language when they are asleep.
  • Lack of sleep or sleepless days makes you gain weight of two pounds (0.9 kg) within a week.
  • A snail is capable of sleeping for three collective years.
  • You can never sneeze while you are asleep.

Top 15 Facts about Sleeping


See Also

  • Many Tibetan sleep upright. They sleep while they are in their sitting posture.
  • Cats sleep almost 7% of their lives.
  • A study found that people sleep better during the new moon and worse during the fall moon.
  • People are capable of living without food for regular two months but die after 11 days without sleeping.
  • Sea otters hold hands whenever they sleep so that they do not drift away from each other.
  • Believing you have taken a proper sleep no matter you have not, improves your performance.
  • In Japan, you are allowed to sleep during job hours as it is viewed as exhaustion from doing hard work.
  • Finding it out difficult to get out of the bed in the morning is a state called Dystonia.
  • Half of the total pilots of U.K admitted having fallen asleep while flying a passenger plane.



  • Before the invention of alarm clocks, their knocker – ups who went tapping on client’s windows with long sticks till they were awake.
  • An experiment was performed in 1998 which concluded that if a bright light shone on the backs of the human knees, can reset the brain’s sleep – wake clock.

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Note Of The Author

I hope you must have enjoyed reading it. Share these facts with your friends and family members. Remember to leave your feedback in the comment box below. Stay Blessed!

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