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Enchanted Well at Chapada Diamantina National Park, Brazil

Enchanted Well at Chapada Diamantina National Park, Brazil

The Poco Encantado or Enchanted Well in Brazil is not a well, though who knows if it’s enchanted or not? Let’s read this remarkable story about Enchanted Well at Chapada Diamantina National Park, Brazil

About Enchanted Well at Chapada Diamantina National Park

Poco Encantado or Enchanted Well is located in the Chapada Diamantina National Park in Bahia state, approximately 400 kilometers inland from Salvador, and the capital city of Bahia. The park was established in 1985 and played a significant role in Brazil’s diamond boom history. The Chapada’s landscape is a creation of the erosion process that the region suffered at the beginning of the pre-Cambrian period, forming towers of minerals known as ‘tepuy’ and the name was given by the local Indians that dominated the area. The main beauty of Chapada Diamantina National Park is that it present great scenery and is a jewel of eco-tourism. This giant sunken pool is 120 feet deep, and its water is so transparent that you can even see the ancient rocks and tree trunks on the bottom. When the sun is just right, the light comes through a gap and creates a blue reflection on the water, which is worth watch view.

Access to this beautiful pond is highly controlled for the environmental protection of its rare and delicate ecosystem. This land of gold and diamond is dynamic from the rest of the world’s natural parks for two main reasons: its prodigious caverns with their pools of magical colors (although the most outstanding ones are not technically included within the boundaries of the park), and second, the hundreds of magnificent waterfalls splashed across its territory.

Enchanted Well at Chapada Diamantina National Park, Brazil

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Another fascination of this well is that the body of water is most beautiful when sunlight streams into a small opening and bring out a clear blue reflection on the water. The glowing blue beauty of Enchanted Well water is so transparent that sometimes it’s hard to identify the roof of the cave reflected on the water from the bottom of the lake. A direct sunlight illuminates the lake through a natural hole in the cave wall. The afternoon sun reaches down to the Blue Cave-a small pool hidden under a broad rock ledge, behind a curtain of aerial roots giving it an electric-blue tone, resulting in stunningly beautiful view.

Everything is extraordinary in Chapada

The Chapada is full of amaze, and you can find some things that are not seen ever before. There are few charming towns grew in Chapada with an influence of minerals. The area was initially used as a refugee for precious stone hunters. Lençóis, 400km from Salvador it is the central town surrounding the park and therefore is also the main gateway.

The underground of Chapada is fascinating having many caves and underground rivers. When Pratinha River leaves the underground and comes to earth, the Pratinha Cave is scarped. With numerous characteristics of the cave, the crystal clear water when reached by the sun rays gets a silvery tone, which names the river.

Fumacinha Fall

So at the end of the valley, there is Charming Waterfall. Fumacinha Fall is considered the most beautiful. If running water isn’t enough, it becomes a delicate curtain of steam before reaching the pool. The route to Fumacinha is a little harsh, but these one hundred meters of waterfall within inclined walls is worth the effort. Fumacinha Fall is breath taking waterfall that will keep your attention towards it.

Enchanted Well at Chapada Diamantina National Park, Brazil

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Mixila Fall

Mixila Fall is another beautiful waterfall. It’s a beauty hidden in the valley near Lençóis.

Fumaça Waterfall

This waterfall is truly eye-catching, and you will enjoy it. Comparable to the 112-story building, the Fumaça Waterfall looks like smoke when looking at a distance. This happens because the volume of water is not sufficient to overcome the drop of 380m (1,247ft) and constant wind catch the falling water drops and throw it back up in a curtain of fog.

Mountain range

An extraordinary variety of ecosystems with the highest mountain with 1800m (5,660 ft), the whole mountain range, is larger than any else place. This mountain range with fascinating scenery grasps everyone’s attention. You will surely love this range.

Enchanted Well at Chapada Diamantina National Park, Brazil

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Interesting things of Chapada Diamantina

There are some fascinating things in Chapada that I will share with you. And, I am sure they will develop more interest of yours to visit this beautiful place. Here are some of them.

The Ribeirão River flows in a deep sandstone valley and tumbles quickly through a narrow rocky canyon, forming spectacular waterfalls and cascades like the Sossego Falls, the last series of falls.

Nature has hollowed out some swimming holes, with crystal-clear water, in the smoothly polished rock surface of the Serrano River, just 15 minutes from the edge of town.

Primavera Waterfall is a riverbed with smooth and sculpted rocks by water and beautifully decorated. Many trails to caves, hills and waterfalls will be discovered with the best tour guides of the region.

Subterranean river forms a huge cave, Lapa Doce, with a tunnel system of 23km extension and 15-20m (49-66ft) high roofs. Large fish and aquatic plants can be admired in a good-sized lake formed by an underground river. The minutes spent in this magical scenario that cultivate unique fauna in deep narrow valleys will be unforgettable for all of you.

With many ruins of old rock houses, Igatu is a beautiful resemblance of the diamond boom period turning it into an important national historical monument.

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Towns like Mucugê and Lençóis have an excellent representation of colonial architecture and therefore are also a national historical monument.

Not long ago, explorers discovered the bones of about forty different species of animals, most of them extinct.

A documentary from National Geographic tells the story of the scientific expedition that rescued, among others, the complete skeleton of a Megatherium, a beast the size of an elephant.

The Gruta da Pratinha occupies a section of the river of the same name. It also flaunts the characteristic blue of the area, due to the richness of minerals that hide within this land.

But with the discovery of diamonds in South Africa, many towns declined, and some turned into a ghost town like Igatu.

Enchanted Well at Chapada Diamantina National Park, Brazil

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What to do In Chapada Diamantina

You will find numerous activities in this beautiful place that will relish you a lot. You can even swim in the crystal-clear waters of Poco Azul, and move smoothly around the remains of old submerged trees which are still in excellent condition. Must seem to believe, or do not forget your camera so you will be able to capture all the mesmerizing views.

At the End

To put a stop to the underworld chapter, I will only add that Chapada has many more caves to offer that are slightly less spectacular, but still of a significant speleological value, including very rare stalagmite formations. It is a fascinating place, and there are some things that you can explore.

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