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Effect of Social Media on Our Lives

Effect of Social Media on Our Lives

Social Media and its Effects

What is Social Media?

Social Media are the websites, platforms or call them applications that allow its users to create and share content or participate in social networking. It can be fun when do not exceed but extremely harmful when to do, so this article title Effect of Social Media on Our Lives will explain you many bad things about social media networks.

How Social Media is Affecting Your Live

Social Media and its Effects

To be honest, we are so badly entangled in our lives related to the world that is encircled by the social media. You might not remember the last time you had with your family without having the cell phone in your hands. The fundamental reason of all this is of you being so engrossed in the online social media lives of the people you might not even know all that well. Your day mainly circles Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and so on.

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Your Routine

This is your routine to do in the first place is to check your phone as soon as you open your eyes in the morning, may take it to the bathroom, already signed into Twitter and Facebook as soon as you turn your laptop on. Apologies, if you belong to all of this mentioned before, you are ruining your life severely or may be losing some best moments of your life which you could have in the other way. This is the time for you to notify all of this and take a decision on what you want. Being an addict of the social media is nothing but losing all you have.

How You became an Addict of Social Media

Social Media and its Effects

You started off when you were getting bored, and you thought that it could help you to pass your time. Firstly, you began with a casual use and gradually your life was encircled by this social media. It was fun at the beginning, light chit-chat, minor stalking, reading few posts here and there and later you felt that this is all your life depends on. Social media surround your mood swings, life patterns, events all.

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Results of the Social Media

As it significantly encompasses your life, your evaluation is based on the responses you get from these websites, and you will prefer the appreciation of double or triple digit figure likes on your pictures rather than the praising of your parents and siblings. You might not be well to go out, but still, you will hang out with your friends because you will have another status and it may help you too jealous someone who might have ignored you somewhere.

Need to Realize

Social Media and its Effects

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We get so haunted by them that we do not understand that these websites are making us upset. Watching the pictures of your friends while you are unable to go out makes you feel sick. Reading somebody’s activity that you fail to perform makes you feel backed off. The feeling of love and belonging that you get from this platform eventually transforms into loneliness, envy, and misery.

Effect of Social Media

You get frustrated of using Facebook because you keep on comparing yourself with one and the other. This comparison can be professional, physical and even social which is upsetting if you feel that you are not doing that great in life as opposed to your friends. The most common issue of the grief people feels the lack of attention. It is natural that you feel backed off when you see that you get 30 likes and your friend has 100 and counting on his/her pictures. However, staying connected through this may no longer remain fun but you still spend countless hours on these websites. In result of which you even more sad and frustrated.

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Social Media and its Effects

So, now take a decision for yourself and go on a social media detox. Do not be worried as I am not going to ask you to deactivate your account or disconnect your wireless router. We will begin with baby steps like limiting our hours on these websites and making other important things our preferences like friends and family. According to the outcomes of these actions, we will carry out the future plans.

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