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Christmas Greeting Cards


Christmas cards are usually sent by mail as an expression of invitation at Christmastime. Although a lot of cards represent religious symbols, winter motifs are equally attractive. The purpose of sending Christmas cards, which are common, follow in all English countries is growing now a day and purchased for the special occasion.

The Christmas card was first to design by John Horsley in England in 1843. An edition of 1,000 colored copies was the sale in London which reads the words were “A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to You.” This card just like a greeting card is also known as the holiday card for the purpose of celebrating the event of Christmas to convey and sending messages to different people. These cards are usually exchanged with-in a week before Christmas day.

Types of Christmas Greeting Cards

christmas cards

Christmas cards are many kinds which we discussed some main Christmas cards as given below

Official Christmas Cards

The first Christmas cards were launched in 1840. The U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower also issued the first official White House card. This card is usually used for official purpose

Commercial Christmas Cards

Many business firms from small to higher level and multi-national companies send Christmas cards to the people on their customer lists to give awareness regarding retaining brand awareness, reinforce social networks and goodwill of the enterprise. These cards are secular in design and almost always discrete and do not sell the product to mentioning the name of the business and also very useful for commercial purposes. The ancestor of the modern Christmas card the practice harkened back to trade cards in the 18th century

Charity Christmas Cards

Charity Christmas cards play a significant role in fundraising. The most famous of these enterprises is most likely the UNICEF Christmas card program which was launched in 1949. The charity business cards always raise the money for charity to make the donation and support the charity events.

The UK-based Charities Advisory Trust gives an annual report in “Scrooge Award” about the card that returns the smallest percentage to the charities is not universally well received by the Christmas card producers.

Christmas Stamps and Stickers

Christmas stamps and stickers are imperative so many countries produce the official seal which can be light or dark colored or a nativity scene. Small types of labels are used to seal the back of envelopes which shows a trinket or some Christmas symbol.

Collectors Items

From the initiating, Christmas collection cards have been eagerly collected. The Christmas card that holds the most expensive was sold in the year 1843 by J. C. Horsley and civil servant Sir Henry Cole. This card was first sold in 2001 in the UK.

Traditional Christmas Cards

Traditional Christmas cards are critical and is celebrated as a major festival and public holiday in the world, and those countries whose populations are mostly non-Christian. In some non-Christian areas, they do not celebrate Christmas event. They have different traditional and use their own conventional and functions (e.g. Hong Kong), but other Christians majority observe the holiday. Countries like Japan where Christmas is most famous and have a small number of Christians, also adopted secular aspects of Christmas, sharing Christmas trees, decorations, and gifts.

Electronic Christmas Cards

Beautiful Christmas Card

Electronic Christmas Cards is also called E-cards can be sent electronically. These are mostly Flash-based cards can be transmitted by through emails, and many other sites such as Yahoo, Google Facebook enable users to send e-Christmas cards. This service has launched to send greetings to the mobile phone by using text or other mobile applications used for this purpose such cards are known as Mobile E-cards. Some of these electronic card services offer chat to enable discussion.

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