Our all celebrities are very beautiful  and young look no doubt .Some  are very aged than our thought but their appearing is still very young and cute, here I will tell you about those good looking Celebs Who are Older Than You Think and also their top secrets that how they maintain their younger looking appearance.

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celebs who are older than you think

The great songster and producer pharrell explained in a radio show to the show host Angie Martinez that how he had maintained his young look as he wants In 2013, singer “Naomi Campbell taught me a lot of tricks to maintain young look as wash your face with chilly water to keep your pores blocked. Pharrell told that people said to my patents that they look also very young and gorgeous still in old age. Pharrell has been well-known as the 1990s when he was an element of the music group Neptunes. Though, he got more success and become fame and still he looks very young and smart even in the age of 41.which is very inspiring for every one.

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Sarah Silverman – 42

Sara Silverman is a great writer, comedy star, performer and producer who have been in the amusement industry since the early 1990s. She is famous to wear sexy clothing on the red carpet, which makes her whole look more younger and cute .in the age of 42 he told in Glamour magazine about her opinion on aging:I know, aging is like an actually slow-moving terror movie, particularly for women. But the lines on our faces are precious. When I see people stretched-out faces. She looks very young and pretty even in the age of 42.

 Jennifer Aniston – 45

celebs who are older than you think

Jennifer Aniston is the representative for natural skincare corporation Aveeno and SmartWater. In the age of 45 she told in an interview that people look much better and young than a decade ago. She is the sex symbol in any hollywood films. She in the age of 45 still looks very young and pretty and also one of the top actresses she says that we should came to know that what we eat and keep away from fatty foods and drinks a lot of water and don’t eat sugary foods. We should care about our skin and every thing Jennifer plays a comedy role in continues 2014 comedy Horrible Bosses 2.

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Gwen Stefani – 45

celebs who are older than you think

Gwen Stefani is very young and good looking still in the age of 45 she has been in the fame after joining season 7 of the NBC hit show The Voice. Though, she is famous as the guide singer , a rock band established in the 1990s and early on 2000s. She always gets fame to work out strongly because she believes that it keeps your figure in shape. She some time ago told Bazaar magazine the top secret to keeping her figure in shape and young looking because fitness is much important to keep you much younger and healthy . She says that secret is nothing special just” eat healthy diet work hard and torture yourself!” The 45-year-old also focuses on healthy lifestyle like staying out of the sun and drinking healthful smoothies. Therefore she looks younger as comparing her actual age.

Stacey Dash – 30

celebs who are older than you think

Stacey Dash get fame in the age of 18 because of appearing in TV show The Cosby Show in 1985,than in  1995 she play a great role in  film Clueless. At the age of 39, Stacey plays a role of Playboy and also launched her own lingerie line. These days, the 47-year-old time and again share enlightening photos of herself on Instagram. She one time told People magazine, that she is very caring about her skin and she doesn’t use extra makeup because too much makeup make your skin more aged . She looks very young even in the age of 30 plus . And we can see that her tips are working because she looks very pretty and young.

Rob Lowe – 50

celebs who are older than you think

Very young looking even in the age of 50 Rob Lowe was born in 1964 in Virginia. He was one of the most accepted and well known young stars in the 1980 he played great roles in The Outsiders, the Breakfast Club, Square Dance, and a lot of more. When he got older he plays many roles in TV dramas in very charming and boyish look. Last year rob told people about aging he said “The candles on the cake mean absolutely nothing. It truly is about how you lead your life and not how much life is led.” He looks very smart and young even in the age of 50.

John Stamos – 51

celebs who are older than you think

John Stamos in the age of 51 looks very young and smart. For the last ten years John has been in a series of TV shows and made-for-TV movies. In 2011, John performed in a series of advertising for Dannon’s Greek yogurt brand Oikos that were very well-liked. At present, John is one of the most popular and attractive middle-aged bachelors in Hollywood. How does he do this? While being interviewed on television show The Talk in 2013, the actor said he takes exercise lessons to be in shape. His beautiful hairstyle and healthy great skin makes him more youthful.

Johnny Depp – 51 

celebs who are older than you think

Great Actor Johnny Depp has a great appearance even in the age of 51. . He told E! Online in 2013, “I think any day you wake up and you’re still about is a good thing. Every time you could take a breath and breathe out and breathe in again, it’s a good thing.” He then went on to say, “You’re only as youthful as you feel.” Johnny’s not only famous one of the best performer but also well-known one of the most attractive and good Celebs. Since someone who made the Guinness Book of World Records in this book he is as the world’s uppermost paid actor. He doesn’t like to look over age so he is happy his best tip is to feel young and inhale and exhale.

Chuck Norris – 74

celebs who are older than you think

Chuck Norris was very brilliant martial artist and he was very famous in the world.   In 1990 at the age of 50 he made the past when he became the first Westerner of Tae Kwon he recognized to be given the grade of 8th Degree Black Belt grand Master. In previous Years Chuck received one of his big breaks in the movie Way of the Dragon alongside friend and martial artist Bruce Lee. He went on to star in a handful of films in his 30s and 40s, and then the TV show Walker, Texas Ranger. Than he was 60 years old. He even promoted fitness tools next to earlier supermodel Christie Brinkley in cable TV infomercials. At the age of 74, Chuck still knows how to shave a beard, and has absolutely maintained his young look. And he looks more youthful.

Elijah Wood – 33

celebs who are older than you think


Elijah wood is very famous and young look personality. Even in the age of 33 he looks very young like a teenage boy. His natural boyish look and innocent features has allowed him to hitch great parts early on in his career, such as Frodo in The Lord of the Rings movie series. Though, he played many roles in films he said in interview with Teen Hollywood when he was 22: “I surely lost the chance to do some parts because I looked too young for them, although it’ll be great having a baby face when I’m older…it isn’t so good now, when I want to play roles that are my age.” His look is very pretty and boyish every one impresses and he got fame.

Sarah Hyland – 24

celebs who are older than you think

Sarah Hyland is recognized as from the hit show Modern Family. She looks teenage even in the age 0f 24 and in 19-years-old ,when the show started, and the character she played is several years younger. Sarah’s large eyes, kid face, and clear skin give her a young look. Though she always speaks sensibly during interviews, Sarah still looks like a teenager. It’s very tough to believe the actress is 24.her younger looking reason is his beautiful skin and childish features.

Ariana Grande – 21

celebs who are older than you think

Just 21 years old Ariana grande get fame for her role on the Nickelodeon hit show Victorious, at the age of 16. Her first album, Yours Truly, appears in 2013 completed after taking three years. Fortunately, it was a hit and  she get global fame.Ariana often wears pigtails or kitten ears on her head when she acts. This absolutely appears her look much younger than 21, which is her present age. Even though Ariana’s tried hard to break free from her character on the Nickelodeon show Sam & Cat, she still looks years younger than her real age. This makes her famous globally.