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How can you Look 10 Year Younger than Your Age

How can you Look 10 Year Younger than Your Age

How can you Look Younger than Your Age

It said that don’t ask men about his salary and don’t ask women about her age. Often when you ask a guy about his salary then his answer will not be unique and the same as when you ask women about her age, then she will not answer you perfectly. She told you wrong about her age, and the interesting thing is, that she is not looking according to the age that she said. Mostly women say ten years less as her right age. How can you Look 10 Year Younger than Your Age is the very useful article for you.

The interesting fact about women is that sometimes a woman asks her fellow age aunt etc. to hide her age. I think women has psychology problem about her aging process.

In this short article, I will tell you how you can look younger. Sometimes a woman looks forty years old but in real she is only thirty years old.

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Reason for looking aged

There are many reasons of looking aged according to her age. If you are looking mature, then see these reasons.

Careless about herself

Well, you have cared yourself, your personality properly. You have worked for children, husband, and other family members but, not gave any time to maintain your character.

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Use of unbalance diet

Unbalanced diet also plays an important role too fast the aging process. You have not taken the meal on proper time. You have taken spicy and junk food too much.

You have not done exercise

Exercise is also necessary routine that slows down the aging process. If you are not doing some exercise, then you will look aged soon. I am not saying that proper training, I said walk after every meal is necessary.

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Every person has to meet some types of stresses but doesn’t feel them as they are the big enemy of you. You have taken too much stress and worries about small deeds.

Why should you look younger?

If we talk about why you should be younger? The answer is so simple that you don’t have to tell a lie about her age. When someone says you younger, than you feel more confident, and feel so good. You will become active, and all your worries and tension will be gone.

But if anyone says you aged then you’re all energy and power will be lost in seconds. You can perform your daily task, so you have to do something to look younger. Angelina Jolie has stopped her age, and she looks too young

Lets we discuss these point.

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Take Healthy Food

Healthful Diets

  • Healthy foods play many roles to look young and fresh forever.
  • Always take fresh fruits and vegetables, like using fresh fruits and vegetable always make your look more youthful and fresh all the time.
  • Take proper vitamins and mineral that is essential for your body.
  • Make protein like milk, butter, cheese. But don’t eat too much butter and cheese as it increases your weight.

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Exercise daily

Exercise Relieves Stress

Exercise is so essential for a healthy lifestyle, like when you exercise then your body get a proper shape look and younger. I am not saying that you have to do hard exercise, and the only walk is enough after every meal.

Use of Sunblock

Always use sun block when you are going under the sun or doing are some work in the kitchen because sun rays and heat make your skin damage and mature. Use SPF 15 sunblock according to your skin tone.

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Avoid smoking

Quit Smoking

Smoking is a terrible habit. From recent research it is proved that smoking can spoil the new cell and effect on the developing cell, So smoking also make you mature and aged.

Think positive

Change your Hair Style

If your hair is not managed and cut correctly, then you will look aged.

Cut, your hair in a good way, you can choose the latest hairstyle and apply on your personality according to your lifestyle.

Color your hair properly and enjoy your new and latest look.

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Do Light Make Up

Applying Makeup

Always use light and natural makeup.

Avoid base but if you want to use then use too much light.

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Makeup according to your personality

Choose a natural color for eye makeup and blush.

Don’t use brown and maroon shade for lip color, as these two color make you look mature and aged. Always use a natural shade like pink, peach and orange according to your personality.

Moisture your skin properly

Dry skin makes your skin looks mature and wrong. Always moisturize your skin properly.

Moisturize your hand and feet properly, make them neat and clean

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Improve your Sleeping Habits

Sleep Well

Take enough at least 6 hours of sleep. And be regular to your sleeping hours. Improper and less sleep make your look mature.

Follow the latest fashion

Always aware of latest fashion regarding clothes and shoes. Try to adopt younger style according to your lifestyle and requirements. Dressing plays many rules to make your personality looks younger.

Think positive

Always think positive about every aspect and angle, never feel negative. Because your thinking always plays a significant role in you personality. When you think negative, then your character looks aged.

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Power of breathing style

Understand that how your body works, care and grow up your body and then you will get more energy. If you want to be younger than you, have to care your body properly. But the question comes in our mind how can we care about our body and how can we give them more energy. The answer is so simple and easy change breathing system‘. Yes, a healthy body depends on a healthy blood circulation, and healthy blood flow can be possible by breathing power.

How One Deep Breath Can Help You Change your Habits

If you will improve your way of breathing system, then it means that you are providing more oxygen to your body cell and in this way, all your body gets more energy and work best.

  • You have to inhale and exhale according to this style
  • Suppose you inhale for four seconds
  • You stop your breath in for sixteen seconds
  • Then you exhale in eight second

Breathing style is the main secrets of looking young. You have to practice this exercise for at least 10 to 15 times and repeat this process, at least, three times in a day.

If you follow up this routine, then you will always free from tension, stress, and the lake of energy.

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