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Bridal Makeup Tips for Summer

Bridal Makeup Tips for Summer

Bridal makeup tips for summer

summer bridal makeup


Bridal makeup is a very hard stuff especially in summer when a bride wants to look beautiful and fresh for the whole day under the full burning sun. Here are some Bridal Makeup Tips for Summer and how to get look staying clean and power.

In the summer weddings: sun burning, blue sky, glowing brides at the end of result makeup meltdown. It is too risky, especially for the outdoor weddings. Hmmm, don’t worry we are here to help you with the list of our favorite face-saving techniques.

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1. Foundation

summer bridal makeup

Beauty comes from the glowing skin. If you have oily skin, then it’s another story. Here are five steps for shine-free makeup for looking fresh for a long time.

  1. If you have oily skins, then hydrate it through the oil-free moisturizer. In the case of extra oily skin, skip the moisturizer and just apply a small eye lotion under your eyes. In the case of dry skin you just moisturize as usual.
  2. Apply an anti-shine product for preparing your skin for foundation, to maintain the greasier at bay.
  3. Skip the foundation and just use a spot congealer, for the longer freshness and shine in the case of having great skin. Spot Concealers are used around the nose, on blemishes, and under the eyes.
  4. Use an oil-free formula through a foundation brush, if you want to do use foundation.
  5. If you have applied the liquid foundation on your face, then used powder your face through a small brush.

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2. Eyes

summer bridal makeup

Your eyelids are the best part of your makeup and also the key component. Eyelids attract the other people toward bride that’s why it is the significant part of composition especially in summer when you can’t put heavy stuff. Here are some tricks to try.

  1. You use concealer on your lids through the conciliar brush, as of lash line to brow. This will aid your shadow to stay on your skin. If your lids are additional oily, utilize a mattifying product initial, then set your concealer on top. Close it off through a dusting of powder.
  2. Keep away from creamy formulas in the case of shadows. These creamy formulas tend to oil up. Use two layers for the extra insurance and freshness. Like for liners, liquid liner keeps on put like no pencil can.
  3. If you have liquid liner, get a cake liner – and combine it with eyeliner closing up the product. Following you have lined your eyes; apply some sealer on your liner brush for repeat the line for making the cake liner.
  4. Always use waterproof mascara on the wedding day, when you know you are crying type.

3. Blush

summer bridal makeup

Blush is critical stuff when it comes to heat hurting the makeup.

  1. Keep away from creamy formulas which give just oil and dull look. Apply powder formula instead of creamy formulas. Powder formulas give you fresh look and also absorbing oil.
  2. If you want to look convincing and, long clean then use cheek stain, then dust a similar powder blush on the top of it.

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4. Lips

summer bridal makeup

Lips role in the wedding is very significant because of kissing the new husband, kissing with family. It is tough to maintain lipstick on your lips for the whole day. Here are some tips for picture perfect pucker:

  1. First, you moisturize your lips with balm, due to balm pencil will guide very quickly. After this apply the lip pencil and color in your whole face. This gives your lipstick to spreading and holding power for a long time.
  2. Apply a medium-toned concealer as a base previous to use the lip pencil, if you are using very lipstick.
  3. Apply lipstick after using pencil, then stain with a tissue. While the tissue is yet pressed to your lips, then apply the brush some loose powder all above, after that skip fabric and make up your lips again for long holding power.
  4. In the final step you just apply the lipstick sealer for the touch of gloss. Just apply one coat on your both upper and lower lips for holding your color in place for all day, or the long time.

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5. Last thing

summer bridal makeup

Carry an umbrella for the protection of you makeup from the sun, when you are going to taking outdoor pictures in the burning sun during the 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm. Hold an emergency makeup with her for the safe keeping in the emergency. The box should be contained with lipsticks, powder-free blotting papers to shoo away shine, and also the little tube of concealer for rapid touchups.

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