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Best known Natural Vitamin C Remedies to Lighten Your Skin

Best known Natural Vitamin C Remedies to Lighten Your Skin


Skin lightening or skin whitening is the practice of using substance and mixtures or having some food items. This skin whitening is done reduce the amounts of melanin contain in the skin. This reduces a slight chance having some cancer diseases with the flow of antioxidants and nutrients.

Vitamin C is one of the most important elements that your body needs every day. These are the needs of our body on the daily basis as it does plenty of work in our body, like tissue growth, protective layer to the cell helps in cold resistance, etc. Vitamin C is also known as L-ascorbic acid or in the simple term as ascorbate consider as one of the most efficient antioxidant and nutrients. These are to reduce the melanin cells from the skin and help to lighten the skin. They used in many medicines and various health’s conscious substances as we use them every day by knowing or not-knowing.

Top Remedies of Vitamin C to for Skin Lightning

1. Lemon

Lemon Lemonade

Lemon is often underrated as sour fruit with not so healthy substances presence in it. In reality, the case is different; because of its sourness, it has a significant amount of L-ascorbic acid or vitamin-C. This substance is best benefited for blackheads removing, skin whitening and others benefits. The lemon considers taking as lemon juice which will act as a natural skin bleaching agents. Many preferred lemon juices dipped by cotton swaps to apply on their skin and face to get fairness.

2. Potato


Potato is a vegetable which is infamous for the main source of diabetes in various countries but which is not true. In fact, the potato is the proper source of vitamin-C with almost 33% of the product has L-ascorbic acid. If we use it in a right way it can keep our skin healthy by removing red marks, blemishes and skin tone lightning. For this goodness, you need not necessary to eat the vegetable. But you can slice it up and apply it on your skin gently and message it to get the above achievements.

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3. Papaya


Papaya is a type of fruit which experts believe as a source of many vitamins as their forms and alpha hydroxyl acid (AHA). It contains vitamin-c as the largest portion of about 75% of the fruit. The whole fruit is important to us as we as others. It contains an enzyme called papain, which can kill the dead cells and get rid of skin impurities. You can apply the fruit on your skin or drink it by making juice or eat it like salads. All these will help you in skin lightning and remove the impurities.

4. Coconut Water

Coconut Water

Coconut is one of the various sources of vital ingredients for our body. If your immune is low, you can rely on coconuts only for days. These are the type of fruits that have various uses in our daily life. The coconut water is the natural energy drink that human can get. This liquid whether by drinking or applying on skin with a cotton ball is healthier to lighten the skin. The use of applying is more preferred by experts for a glowing skin.

5. Rice Powder

Wheat white flour in cooking bowl

Rice in many parts of the world is the primary staple food for thousands. The vitamin-c content in rice along with Para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA) helps in skin hydration, brighten up and to get a firm skin. Rice is grinned into a powdery state and mixed well with enough milk to make the paste smooth. Then apply the proper paste on your face or specific body parts, this will make an effect gradually.

6. Tomato Juice

10 facts about Tomatoes

Tomato is a fruit which contains high vitamin-C and pH balancing properties, which makes them a natural remedy to consume and applying on skin. Tomatoes are there to control oily skin and a great lightening agent. You can implement it on your skin with a lot of pulp on your skin. Leave it be there for some more times and message it thoroughly. Then rinsing your skin and you can get an instant glow.

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7. Oranges

Orange Juice

These are one of the primary sources of vitamin-c to get brighter and glowing skin. As this contains a high level of vitamin-c which makes it as the most efficient remedy for glowing surfaces. There are several processes of missing it with many other substances like milk and turmeric. All these mixtures when applied to form various solutions. These will do all the work, and you can get a tone fairer skin, as you want. Applying it regularly with other remedies will give you a fairer skin.

8. Eat Vegetables Containing Vitamin-C

Vegetables and Fruits

There are many vegetables which contain a specific amount of L-ascorbic acid. These vegetables are not necessary for applying on your skin but consuming it is beneficial. There are various types of vegetables which are useful to lighten your skins are as follows:

  • Small vitamin-c content vegetables – beetroot, carrot, and onion.
  • Vegetables with medium contents – potato, raw green cabbage, spinach, garlic, and cauliflowers.
  • High content vegetables – broccoli and chili pepper.

9. Eat Several Fruits as Well Which Contains Vitamin-C

Eat fresh fruits for healthy skin

As per the vegetables, there are many fruits which also contain vitamin-c so. Fruits are always the various solutions of vitamin-c and with different other fruits with other types of vitamins presents in them. There are several fruits which are not found in many areas of the world. But there are certain fruits like the citrus fruits, some of them considered as one of the mostly found fruits. The fruits with colored red and yellow are a significant source of vitamin-c. Some you can eat while others you can apply to you for better benefits.

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These above in the article have all the remedies needed to get a fairer look. But these are the natural processes, with the use of unnatural cosmetic treatments you can get fairer with ease. These natural remedies are quite suited your body, but those harmful chemicals can ruin your skin permanently. It’s up to you to choose wisely.

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