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8 Ways to Make your lifestyle Healthier

8 Ways to Make your lifestyle Healthier

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You are leading life and have you ever thing that you are leading a healthy or unhealthy life? I think no you don’t have to think about this.  You must care yourself and your personality. Those people, who care about their health, lead very active, energetic life. I have some points regarding a healthy lifestyle, let we discuss. A healthy lifestyle always gives you more chance to work more and improve your stamina, as you can fight the different challenges of life and lead a happy and long life. Read this excellent title: 8 Ways to Make your lifestyle Healthier.

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Choose Healthy Food

Healthful Diets

  • Choose food that is full of vitamin, minerals, and protein like wheat, rice, beans, meat, fish egg, etc.
  • Eat fresh fruit like strawberry, banana, apple, orange, blueberry, cherry, etc.
  • You must take one bowl of salad and 1 one bowl of vegetable in a day.

Choose the Same Combination of Food

A few days ago a man celebrated his 100 birthday, and he is still healthy and fresh. When someone asks about his secret of healthy and long life, then he replied quickly

  • Care your stomach for first fifty years of life
  • And next fifty years your stomach will care you.

Many scientists say that you should avoid this combination of diet for healthy and long life

  • Don’t eat meat and potato at the same time
  • Don’t eat cheese and bread at the same time
  • Don’t eat milk and oatmeal at the same time
  • Don’t eat fish and rice at the same time

These combinations are the hidden enemies of your health, but I know you want to know how these are your unknown enemies?

  • Different food particles are digesting according to different process
  • Like rice, bread, potato are ingesting using alkali
  • Dairy products and food that is full of protein ingest by using acid

It is the central principle of chemistry that the two type of different food will not digest at the same time properly, and the food particles that are not ingesting correctly are the main home of bacteria.Don’t use a different type of combination at the same time if you cannot control this habit then you should use some things in lunch, and other can be used quickly at the dinner.

You should use protein, salad, and vegetable at the same time.

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Avoid Junk and Artificial Sweet Food

You are taking lots of junk food

For a healthier lifestyle, you should choose a healthy food and must avoid junk food like pizza, burger, cold drink, etc. use of junk food make your fat and low down your energy.

Also, don’t use can food and juice. Nowadays all types of fruits and other things are available in the can with artificial sweetener, and these are hidden enemies of your health. For a healthy lifestyle, you have to avoid.


Exercise is also very essential for healthy and fresh life, as activity release all type of toxin and fat from your body and give proper shape to your body.

You should walk daily at least for 30 minutes daily.

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Take Long Breath


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Understand that how your body works, care and grow up your body and then you will get more energy. If you want to be more intelligent than you, have to care your body properly. But the question comes in our mind how can we care about our body and how can we give them more energy. The answer is such a straightforward and easy change “breathing system‘. Yes, a healthy body depends on a healthy blood circulation, and healthy blood flow can be possible by breathing power. If you will improve your way of breathing system, then it means that you are providing more oxygen to your body cell and in this way, all your body gets more energy and work best.

  • You have to inhale and exhale according to its style
  • Suppose you inhale for four seconds
  • You stop your breath in for sixteen seconds
  • Then you exhale in eight second

Why you inhale and exhale? According to this style when you inhale in four seconds, it means that you are giving more oxygen to your body. When you stop your breath in four sixteen seconds, it means that all oxygen is observing in all your cell correctly, and when you are exhaling in eight seconds, it means all toxin of your body release mean your lymph system will improve so always inhale and exhale properly.

Long breath always makes you healthier and gives you a healthy lifestyle.

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Avoid use of Alcohol and Smoking

Facts about Alcohol

Many people use alcohol, Tabasco and other these types of things for the sake of pleasure nothing more. Be careful these are the hidden enemies of your healthy life. You will become weak and aged soon if you use alcohol and Tabasco. So you should avoid these types of elements for healthy life.

Take Enough Sleep

Always make proper and enough sleep for a healthy lifestyle, Studies shows that if you are taking adequate and healthy sleep, then you will become healthier and good.

Use the Healthful Rule to Remain Clean

  • Always follow the good rule to stay clean and fresh.
  • Take bath daily with lukewarm water.
  • Brush your teeth daily.
  • Wash your hands and feet properly and moisturize.
  • Finally, wear clean and up to date cloth.

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