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8 Free Apps to Simplify Your Life

8 Free Apps to Simplify Your Life

8 Free Apps to Simplify Your Life

8 Free Apps to Simplify Your Life

Technology apps had made our life very simpler and beautiful. Nobody can live without these apps and smartphones our life is very comfortable because of these apps. You cannot live without your iPhone and smartphones as it keeps you in touch and up to date with your social media. There are apps for everything so select some apps that will deal with the busiest parts of your life and will provide you exact info, whatever you want.

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Here are eight free apps to simplify your life. Let’s know about these apps.

1. Brightnest

8 Free Apps to Simplify Your Life

This is one of the most excellent apps to simplify your life, which lets you use your iPhone to arrange every part of your house. Its best app for busy moms who just want to organize their home in their busy routine, this app is a great benefit. You can use this amazing app to making a plan (such as a roster for cleaning and washing up duty), reminders for all household tasks that you want to do in an organized manner, the app helps you to organize your schedule. The app is only available on iPhone, but if you have an iOS device it is worth it!

2. Manilla

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The iOS and Android amazing app allow you to utilize one single password to reach all of the primary accounts that you have in your life. It has made my life very easier because I use it personally. Whether it’s a bank account login, your Netflix payment or your email info, you can utilize Manilla to unify all of the essential info that you require in a day, without having to keep in mind several passwords. Not only is the app free, but it offers limitless space so you won’t ever have to pay to reach your files.

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3. Cozi Family Organizer

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If you want to arrange your life away from the home, then Cozi is the just amazing and perfect app for you If you’re the single who pick up the children from school, taking them to soccer performance, making convinced they get to physical exercises on time, etc., this app for you. With it, you can make sure you maintain daily schedules prearranged! If your boss has the one too, the two of you can add/edit activities/events, and both see what’s on the list at all times. It will help you from every way what you can.

4. Grocery IQ

8 Free Apps to Simplify Your Life

All women weather she is working women or not working has to run to the grocery store now and then. This app makes your shopping list very easy and rapid to save time and money. You can keep track of buy, add objects by merely scanning them, come across the nearby store, sync with your friends on different phones, and find coupons, information about items.So never forget to hold this app with you as you go for grocery purchasing.

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 5. Evernote

8 Free Apps to Simplify Your Life

While other amazing apps let you make notes for your day and arrange your timetable, this app is the easiest way to make comprehensive notes for your all day. The boundary is professional and very easy to use, and you can add photographs to your notes so that you know precisely about your notes with just taking a glance. Evernote is one of the best apps for organizing your life.

6. Period Tracker

8 Free Apps to Simplify Your Life

This is an important app for ladies phone. It keeps track of your past menstrual cycles to forecast the date of your next period. You can also view ovulation and fertile days so you can plan for events like traveling or starting a family. The app is very correct for you.

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7. MyFitness Pal

8 Free Apps to Simplify Your Life

One of the most excellent apps to make life easier is the MyFitness Pal app; This is the top weight lose app that it helped me a lot, and I am euphoric for using it. It was rated the greatest weight loss and fitness app of all time this past year. This is one app you don’t want to download and overlook about. It actually can help you losing weight through its complete lifestyle help. It provides you the calorie content of your food, complete nutrition analysis of your diet, provides you a modified diet plan based on your aims, gives you exercises for beginners and improves as you move further along on your health journey, and most excellent of all. It repeatedly loads all of your info onto the online database so you can contact your info anytime on a computer or tablet. This app has the major database of foods and features above 2 million foods listed, plus it has a barcode scanner to utilize at the store that works offline. Though best pp for you and just amazing. Cost is free.

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8. Remember the Milk

8 Free Apps to Simplify Your Life

We all are very busy in our life. We’re going to the school or making dinner, arranging children homework or confirming the presentation for work, there is always so much that we have to do in a day. This app allows you prioritize and color-code tasks for your time very naturally. You can set email, and SMS reminders, sync with your Google account (to reach your calendar) and even utilize the Siri speech-to-text application. The app itself is free, if you want push notifications enabled or wish to have no limits on your auto-syncing, you will have to upgrade for $3/month or $25 yearly.

These are the best apps that will help you exactly, what apps are your favorites?  Share them with me! Follow wear and cheer. Thank you.

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