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6 Tips How to Choose the Right Car Mechanic

6 Tips How to Choose the Right Car Mechanic

6 Tips How to Choose the Right Car Mechanic

Do you own a car and have no car mechanic listed in your phone book? If yes, then this is surely asking for trouble. When you bring home your new car, you need to immediately look for a car mechanic who can prove to be your savior when you are stuck in the middle of nowhere and do not how to get a car mechanic urgently. Investing in a car is no small time investment, this makes it important to have a reputed car mechanic handy so that you are saved from much uncalled for problems. There are many car mechanics available these days but those which are not experienced or reputed can take you for a joy ride and make you pay for unnecessary replacements.

Make the right Choice in the Car Mechanic

Mechanic Holding Clipboard In Front Of Open Car Engine

1. Trustworthiness:

Make sure you find a car mechanic who can be trusted with your car. You have spent a fortune on this and you would not like it to be mishandled by just anyone. There are many mechanics that do not replace any parts and yet charge you for replacements. This is not done as you land up spending more and frequently on the repairs.

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2. Certification:

A certified car mechanic is one sure way to ensure that you are handing over your car to the right person, who has a thorough knowledge of vehicles and knows what he is doing. An ASE certification is one reliable certificate that a car mechanic can possess. These certified mechanics go through a lot of testing and are also experienced in handling vehicles. You can also hand over your car to a mechanic who is certified by the manufacturer.

3. Reputation:

Certification for Car Mechanic

Check the reputation of the company before you opt for a specific car mechanic. This can be done by asking around or log on to the specific website and also by going through reviews which give you a fair idea of the services provided by the specific company.

4. Affiliations:

These work as an added advantage. Look for the Approved Auto Repair sign, also known as the AAR. This sign will ensure you quality service offered by the car mechanics. The mechanics working in such companies are reliable and also certified. All this might be a wee bit troublesome but totally worth the time and effort.

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5. Show the Problem:

An experienced and trustworthy car mechanic will patiently listen to you and also show you where the problem lies. He will not do any work on your vehicle without informing you first and taking your permission. You will need to be informed of any flaw in your car, however, minor this might be. Being shown what is wrong with the car and why specific parts need to be replaced can save you from spending unnecessarily.

6. ASE Certified Car Mechanics

Trustworthiness Car Mechanic

You should be aware that this ASE certificate is not handed out to just anyone. A car mechanic needs to first show the experience required for this certificate, which is about 2 years. After which he has to undergo a test which covers eight areas like automatic transmissions, engine repair, suspension and brakes, axles, manual drive trains, heating and air-conditioning, electrical systems and also engine performance. This certification is only for a period of five years after which the car mechanic will need to take another test. Mechanics with this ASE certification are trained to keep up with the latest technology. An ASE certified car mechanic will be one of the best choices you make. A mechanic who is ASE certified might charge a wee bit more but you are ensured of quality service without any doubts. This mechanic also has the experience that is required to handle the cars since he has been certified after a 2-year experience.

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