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4 Best Oil for Healthy Hair

4 Best Oil for Healthy Hair

Black healthy, shiny and long hair.

Choosing Best Oil for Hair

Best oil for healthy hair are many and they give us many benefits. Oiling is a best and essential  part of the Eastern beauty tradition which is still followed by many people. The most interesting thing is that now the Western world is catching on to its many benefits. Many good hair oils are available except from our childhood favorites. And as you grow up, like other things your hair’s also needs change. This hair oil guide will help you to find the best oil for healthy hair.

Essential Oils

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Almond is best Oil for healthy Hair

The health benefits of eating almonds are well-known to all of us. The more interesting is that the almonds can also work their benefits outside your body. With the regular use of almond oil you can prevent your hair from any damage or loss. It can also lead to straighter hair over time.

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Coconut is best Oil for dry Hair

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil is the one that prevent dry hair issues as dry hair needs a regular oiling. This oil nourishes your hair by penetrating the strand and can also help build hair strength. If you have dry hair, then you probably be having dry skin as well so prefer applying Coconut Oil to your hands and face before going to bed.

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Olive Oil for Damaged Hair

Extra-styling and using harsh shampoos can strip the hair of its strength and cause it to become dull,brittle and rough. Damaged hair can benefit through Olive Oil because this oil can restore the elasticity of hair, meaning less breakage. The best of olive oil is that it helps to grow new hair and strengthening existing ones.

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Moroccan Oil for Frizzy Hair

The Moroccan Oil which is also known as Argan Oil is the most popular in the hair industry. It is also considered to be a miracle oil as it helps resolve so many hair issues. This fast effecting oil can also help prevent split ends the most common issue of hair, control frizz and repair damage. Moroccan Oil’s work is not done after you shampoo because you can also use it as a styling serum too.

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Get the most out of your best Oil Treatments


Now that you have come to know which hair oil to use and which one is more appropriate for you. This is important to know that what exactly is the best technique to get the most out of our hair oil?

  • Heat your preferred oil but it should be not hot to the touch, just warm.
  • Part your hair properly and add oil through your fingertips dipped in oil.
  • Do not use extra amount of oil otherwise you will be in need to wash your hair with more shampoo.
  • For 10-15 minutes to promote blood circulation gently massage the oil into your scalp.
  • The vigorously rubbing of oil into the scalp will damage your hair so try to avoid it.
  • It’s good to leave oil in overnight because the hair will absorb the oil deeply.
  • Heat a damp towel in the microwave until warm and wrap your hair for 10 minutes for damaged hair.

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