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17 Clever Ways to Get Rid from Body Odor

17 Clever Ways to Get Rid from Body Odor

Bad Body Odor

Body odor is a very bad thing. Unpleasant body odor or smell or fragrance will make you uneasy and uncomfortable; especially when you are on a date, in a business meeting or in a crowd, even it disturb your social life. Body odor is a big problem for many people from all over the world. Sometimes due to body odor (smell) you can lose your confidence, here I’ve some solutions for you in 17 Clever Ways to Get Rid from Body Odor title

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Reason of bad body odor

  • Hmm, you want to know what the reasons of bad breath are. There are many types of the system working in the human body, the digestive process results in many things like sweat and replacing the body cell frequently whenever we take food.
  • Improper bathing and unhygienic condition lead you to bad body odor.
  • A specific bacteria grow on you skin when mixing with sweat cause bad body odor.
  • Moist
  • Unbalanced diet
  • Environment with pollution
  • Menstruation
  • Yeast infection

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How can you get ride from bad body breath

Hare I will tell you how you can get ride from bad body odor

Take bath daily to get rid of body odor

Take bath daily will keep you away from bad body odor. In the morning, the bacteria were grown on your skin overnight, and when you take a bath in the morning, all bacteria and bad smell will wash away. Also, bath in the morning will give you freshness. If you take a bath in the evening again, then the bacteria and smell of all the day will be the wash, and you will free from odor.

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Wear fresh and soft fabric to get rid of body odor

If you want to get a ride from body odor then you should wear fresh, wash and soft fabric cloth all the time. Especially cotton fabric is good for you.

Apply talcum powder to get rid of body odor

Always when you take a bath, must dry your skin properly. If you apply talcum powder, then it keeps your skin dry and fresh. Talcum powder can close the prose of the skin and reduce the growth of bacteria.

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Clean your underarm to get rid of body odor

The main reason of body odor is sometimes the hair on your under arm. When there are hairs on your under arms then it causes sweat and the growth of bacteria, so you should always wax your hair properly and regularly from your underarm and under legs.

Don’t smoking to get rid of body odor


Smoking is a very bad habit that causes many types of problem in your body.Smoking also leads you to bad body odor. So quit smoking and or chewing Tabasco to get a ride from bad body odor.

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Drink plant of water to get rid of body odor

One of the most common reasons of body odor is dehydration. We do not take enough water according to body requirements and, as a result, bacteria grow rapidly on our skin. When we take lots of water, our body stays hydrated, and the production of germ will stop, and our body remain free from toxic and bad odor. So we have to drink at least 8 to 10 glass of water.

Take balanced diet to get rid of body odor

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Always take fresh fruits and vegetable in your diet, as fresh food keep your body healthy.You should take a diet that has probiotics, is a good friendly bacteria on our skin that reduce the growth of smelly bacteria, milk, and yogurt has probiotics bacteria.

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Avoid junk food to get rid of body odor

Don’t use junk food too much like pizza, burger and process food, as it slows down the metabolism. Never take vitamin B complex in your diet too much, as it causes a bad smell like fish. Always try to take simple, fresh and unprocessed food.

Take activates charcoal capsule daily to get rid of body odor

If you have lots of bad body smell, it means that you have too much toxin in your body, Activates charcoal help to reduce the bad smell. You can take capsules of activates charcoal daily for three months.

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Apply orange peels on your skin to get rid of body odor

Lemon and Orange Peel

Orange peels use to get rid of bad smell. Also, it balances the ph level of the skin. You make orange peel powder quickly. Just put orange peels in direct sunlight. After three or four days your peel becomes dry.Just make powder of orange peels and apply on your skin. With the regular use of orange peels you can get rid of bad body smell also it can lighten your skin naturally and reduce acne.

Apply lemon juice to get rid of body odor

Lemon juice is a quick and easy remedy to get rid of body odor.It balances the Ph of the skin and increases the acidity.As the acidity increase, the growth of bacteria will stop, and your body will get rid of bad odor.Just apply lemon juice on the area where you have lots of sweat for three months regularly, and you will get rid of bad body odor.

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Apple cider vinegar to get rid of body odor

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is also used to get the ride from bad body odor. Apple cider vinegar has strong properties that kill bacteria and make your skin fresher.You just have to apply apple cider vinegar on the skin with a cotton ball and don’t need to wash away.

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If you have sensitive skin, then you should do a patch test.

Use baking soda to get rid of body odor

Baking soda is also the very good remedy to get rid of bad smell. Just take lemon juice and baking soda and make a paste and apply on your skin.

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Corn stretch to get rid of body odor

Corn stretch is the best remedy for those people who have too much sweat and bad smell.

Just make a paste by mixing lemon juice and corn starch and apply on the skin for 5 to 10 minutes and then take a bath.With regular use of corn stretch, you will get rid of bad body odor and excess smell.

Tea tree oil to get rid of body odor

Tea tree oil has a  good smell. And when you apply oil on the skin it kills all bacteria that cause bad smell and gives us great smell. Just use tea tree oil on the skin after taking a bath and leave.

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Basil leave to get rid of body odor

Basil leave has a great smell and high power to kill bacteria.You should use basil leave in your bath tub.

You can also make a paste of basil leaves and apply on the area where you have too much smell. It gives you relief and relaxed feeling.

Add tomato juice and salt to your bath water to get rid of body odor

Tomato kills the toxin and bacteria that cause a bad smell. Just add tomato juice and some salt in your bath water. This trick will keep you away from the bad smell.

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