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16 Best Ways to Take Care of Hands

16 Best Ways to Take Care of Hands

Gloves protect your hands.

Why Should We Take Care of Our Hands

Hands play a significant role in representing our personality. People can easily be judged by the condition of their hands. Hands help us to do little things like eating, washing, drinking, praying, wearing shoes or clothes, wearing any jewelry or cooking and so on and so forth. Cutting the long story short, hands are great blessing of Allah we should Take Care of Hands.

If you take care of your hands regularly then they become soft, silky and beautiful which makes you to look younger. Here I want to share 16 best ways to take care of your hands that are listed below. Follow them and remember to share your results with us!

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Daily Routine for Beautiful and Soft Hands

On the daily basis, here are few things mentioned that you have to follow in simple routine if you want to have beautiful hands. Let’s start,

Moisturize your Hands and Use Sunblock

Moisturizing is the most essential practice to get soft hands. As you moisturize your face and other part of your body same practice is required for your hands twice (2) in a day. You should choose the moisturizer of a suitable brand that fulfills the need skin of your skin properly.

Always use sun block of good company and protect your hands for damage sun rays. You must apply sun block 10 minutes before going out.

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Hand Massage

Massage your hands on daily basis with a good moisturizer or any oil like olive oil. Hand massage will relax you and prevent your hands from dryness and fine lines as it increases your blood circulation.

Exfoliate your Hands to Get Beautiful Hands

Scrubbing is the most important part of our daily routine. Remember, to scrub your hands daily to remove dead skin from your hands and they look fresh and soft. For this process you van use a suitable moisturizer or any homemade remedy like:


  • Lemon juice (1tbs)
  • Honey (1tbs)
  • Sugar (1tbs)
  • Almond powder (1tbs)
  • Milk (1tbs)


Mix all the ingredients properly and apply it on your hands. You can practice it daily.

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Cut your Nails Once in a Week

Nails increase or decrease the charm of your hands. Improperly or untidy nails destroy the looks of your hands but if you cut your nails properly and keep them neat than they increase the beauty of your hands. Cut your nails once in a week in a proper shape.


Use of Gloves

When you talk about the care of hands then gloves also play a significant role for this purpose. You have number of activities in a day like washing clothes/ dishes and much more. Warm water can finish all the moisture of your hands and make them look dry. So wear gloves while practicing these chores.

Avoid Chemical

Obviously, everybody knows how chemicals are dangerous for our skin. So, be careful and try not to come in contact with chemicals but if it is really a necessity, wear gloves.

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Home Remedies

Now, here are few simple and easy tips for your hands to make them look pretty and fresh. Most of the ingredients are easily available and accessible. So, let’s have a look what I have for you…

Cream for Soft and Beautiful Hands

This cream is best to get soft hands is very famous. Its ingredients are:


  • Hydroquinone cream (4%)
  • Liquid paraffin (50%)
  • White paraffin (50%)
  • Salicylic acid (10%)
  • Petroleum jelly (50%)


Mix all the ingredients and store them in a cool place. Apply this cream on your hands daily.

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Potato for Soft and Beautiful Hands

Potatoes work as a bleach and can help to lighter the skin tone naturally. Make a paste of potatoes and apply it on your hands for 20 minutes. Wash it afterward. You can also take potato juice and apply on your hands.

Honey for Soft and Beautiful Hands

Honey is also preferred to make your hands soft and beautiful. Make a mixture of one tbs of honey, one tbs (table spoon) of lemon juice, one tbs of milk and apply it on your hand and massage. This tip makes your hand look fair and soft.

Lemon for Soft and Beautiful Hands

Lemon is also used to lighter the skin tone. You can apply lemon juice to make them look fair.

If you apply the mixture of lemon juice and sugar in an equal quantity on your hands then they become soft and fair quickly. Mixture of lemon and salt can make your hands smooth and soft if used as a scrub.

Olive Oil for Soft and Beautiful Hands

Olive oil is good in enhancing the beauty of the hands naturally. Massage your hand with olive oil daily before going to bed.



Glycerin for Soft and Beautiful Hands

Message of glycerin is also recommended for your hands. It keeps them soft and fresh. A very common homemade lotion made by mixing glycerin, lemon juice and rose water together is best for hands. It keeps them soft and lighter.

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Orange Peels for Soft and Beautiful Hands

Orange peels are very good for skin lightening. Take some orange peels and dry them in sunlight. This process will take 3 or 4 days, afterward, add some milk in dried peel and apply it on your hands. It can lighten your skin.

Gram Flour for Soft and Beautiful Hands

Gram flour is very traditional to enhance the beauty of skin. Mix milk and few drops of lemon in gram flour. Apply this mixture on your hands for 20 minutes. Wash it afterward.

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